Wednesday, September 21, 2011

3rd time's a charm!

Another trip over to a friends house for dinner and took Saul over their to visit and play with their dogs.  He did super-duper.  He even became friends with Nate,who he was growling at the visit before... accepting carrots (which he promptly spit out) but was convinced Nate was his new BFF after a couple bites of chicken.  He even gave him a little kiss.   Saul played with their daughter who is 6.  She had a couple of friends come over, a boy and a girl... and while they made him nervous in the beginning, within 10 minutes he was begging them for neck scratches.  Saul just needs some warm up time to trust people (and tasty snacks, don't hurt either!). 

He didn't do much playing with the dogs, but did show off to Sheriff doing some rattie runs, showing off how fast he was... of course, inside the house and not in the big back yard... :) 

I finally got to trimming his nails and he did really well, no complaining at all.  so now he has some tidy toes too!
just lookin' cute

i love me some neck scratches!

he loves their wading pool.  I even bought one for my backyard, which he ignores, but always goes in theirs.

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