Friday, August 19, 2011

Tucker Days

Tucker is settling in to the routine.  We've had some backwardness in the crate with accidents the past couple days, but I'm going to work on getting up a bit earlier and giving him some extra time and a walk before I go to work.. I'm so not a morning person and am usually running late, so he doesn't always get the time I think he needs.  Plus I'm going to try to come home at lunch too  Fingers Crossed!

We went to the vet today to get his microchip and heartworm testing.  He met a couple of kids about 4 and 5 and let them pet him.  He was a little nervous, but he was at the vet too, so it could have been that.  His little knees were shaking as we were waiting in the lobby, but he was trying to be brave as he sat next to me.  He did a good job.  Afterwords we went to the pet store and walked around and he did well.  Let a couple of people pet him.  Sniffed around...  No barking, no growls and thankfully, no peeing until after we left the store! 

He's a good dog and super sweet. He can get a little pacey, but it gets a little better each day as he gets to know us. He's a jumper too as he recovers from his neuter. And it took a few days, but I did get some kisses from him (Cassie got them a day before I did), but he seems to prefer to lick your hand versus giving back kisses.   He also took a short nap on my bed yesterday and today on the couch, which is new as he's starting to trust us. 

Dislikes: the peanut butter kong treats!  the weirdo!  doesn't seem to be a fan of any kind of peanut butter flavor.  but so far he likes everything else.  He really likes to eat. 

Training:  Spin - taught him to spin for a treat.  Too cute!  He sits on command too.  He uses the doggie door to do his business and he's pretty good in the crate.  he was also go in there just to rest or to take a toy he wants to keep. 

He also loves to play tug... He tried to get Sasha to and I really think she thought about it for a second before saying no.  They get along for the most part and she's pretty tolerant of him but no play...Though... I can play tug with both of them with a toy in each hand.. That's been pretty fun.  He can get overexcited and get a little mouthy, grapping up to high but I just stop playing and turn away  and he stops... I think he just gets too into it... We will continue to work on that... 

tired after a long day