Monday, August 15, 2011

Tucker and Sebastian sitting in a tree...

Took Tucker and Shelly to the New Rattitude Reunion in Bellevue today.  Was worried it was going to be too much for Tucker, but he did really well.  He tolerated the 2 1/2 hour trip with little fuss.  Once there, he was able to be let of leash in the dog park and ran around checking things out until he met Sebastian (who was might first foster) and then it was love at first sight and mutual.  Tucker definately has alot of hormones in him!   When Sebastian left the dog park, Tucker went to the fence and just stared and whined at him.  (tucker has the purple harness and sebastian is in the blue) He got into a couple little spats (with one dog in particular), but easily pulled apart. 

 At the end of it (about 3 hours later), he was definately done for the day and I think he was asleep in his crate before we were out of the dog park. 

And we won a couple of things at the NR raffle - so Tucker and Sasha have some new toys and stuff to play with.    It was a tiring but wonderful day.  (Cassie will be posting about Shelly, our 6 month old puppy who went to her furever home today too). 

Tired after a long day of playing...

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