Wednesday, August 17, 2011

*Sob* *Sob* Ooo Shelly


So on Sunday Shelly went off to go to her wonderful parents, but it was heartbreaking for me, Cassie. I was strong when Sebastian left, and Shelby, but something about her little face, and white paws made me fall in love.
Maybe it was the fact that she liked me more than Mom. The way she would obsess over the red dot, or how she would be impatient for a treat were my favorite traits of hers. Or the way she would stretch crawl towards us wiggling her butt.

Shelly's new home is going to be amazing! I know she will just be in love with Lisa's two little girls, who were very excited for having a new dog.

I think the hardest thing of being a "co-fosterer" is getting attached, which I thought I would never happen. (WHAT WAS I THINKING!)

At the amazing New Rattitude Reunion where about 40 rat terriers showed up and were absolutely adorable all checking each other out and sniffin'. I was unhappy with the fact that Shelly was going home but it was hard to think that Shelly should stay when i saw her new parents. The last kisses for Shelly are still in my heart. I will always love lil shells.

-In other news Mom and I won two prizes for the raffle and one of them had a doggie bed. Which has another visitor other than a dog....
I love you lil shelly and will always miss you:)
P.S. Shelly's new name is Indigo, named by the little girls

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  1. Awww Cassie, I am so grateful you took such good care of Shelly/Indigo. You are an amazing young person with a big heart. It was wonderful to see you at the reunion. Stay strong! We need you fostering all the next dogs coming down the road.