Tuesday, August 30, 2011

I'm Adopted! Tucker finds his fur-ever home!

Tucker found his furever home and I just got back from dropping him off.  Great couple here in Yakima who have had rat terriers before and love them.  It's nice that he's not too far.  We went for a visit to their house yesterday and Tucker was able to wander around the house and figured out their doggie door in about 2 seconds.  He also has a little pug playmate in the yard next door that he met through the fence and they seemed to get along and Tucker did some male posturing so I think they will be good buddies.   He was a little confused when I was trying to leave, but Steph held him and he has his crate and blanket to go.  I'm sure in no time, he will own the place :)

It was a busy day and I'm sure Tucker knew something was up cause he was extra hyper when I got home.  I took him and Sasha for one last walk around the neighborhood and then a walk by himself to say goodbye to the neighborhood kids (Sasha's not a fan of little boys).  

Can we go walk some more!???

I will miss Tucker and his crazy ways.. he is a spunky dog full of charm.  I'm happy to see him go to such a great couple!  

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  1. Awww! Tucker, gone already! You do great work for the Ratties you guys! Congrats to you and Tucker.