Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Saul's coming to town!

Another new foster is on his way... I've named him Saul... He is 6 years old and 20 lbs (Sasha's age and size).  He was in California and made his way up to Federal Way.  Spend a little time with Janell and then off to Carol's house until we can get him to Yakima (on Friday!).  So far, he's an easy going mellow dog.  Carol reports he doesn't like his paws touched... I hope I can get him to change his mind because I love doggie feets!

relaxing at Carol's house

Meeting Huckleberry

this makes me want to get a water fountain!

just how cute is he?

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

I'm Adopted! Tucker finds his fur-ever home!

Tucker found his furever home and I just got back from dropping him off.  Great couple here in Yakima who have had rat terriers before and love them.  It's nice that he's not too far.  We went for a visit to their house yesterday and Tucker was able to wander around the house and figured out their doggie door in about 2 seconds.  He also has a little pug playmate in the yard next door that he met through the fence and they seemed to get along and Tucker did some male posturing so I think they will be good buddies.   He was a little confused when I was trying to leave, but Steph held him and he has his crate and blanket to go.  I'm sure in no time, he will own the place :)

It was a busy day and I'm sure Tucker knew something was up cause he was extra hyper when I got home.  I took him and Sasha for one last walk around the neighborhood and then a walk by himself to say goodbye to the neighborhood kids (Sasha's not a fan of little boys).  

Can we go walk some more!???

I will miss Tucker and his crazy ways.. he is a spunky dog full of charm.  I'm happy to see him go to such a great couple!  

Monday, August 29, 2011

Indigo, formally Shelly - living it up at the beach!

Love this post with her new sister!

yeah!  water for Shelly!

What a pair!

Look who is settling in with her new family!  She's looking good and so happy.  She got to go with her family and spend time and got to play on the beach!  She is over her fear of car rides and now they are just working on some fear she has with some children so she is heading off to doggie school.  I'm sure she will do great there!

Cassie and I miss her but it's so good to see her doing so well and in such a great home!

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Paws in the Pool Day in Yakima

Today was the last swim day at Franklin Pool which is an outside pool so the Humane Society was putting on their fifth annual "Paws in the Pool" day where all dogs are welcome to go swimming.  Now, my previous foster Indigo (which used to be Shelly) couldn't get enough of the water and would have loved this but I wasn't so sure if Tucker would enjoy it so I thought we would check it out...

Tucker did not really enjoy himself.  He didn't mind all the dogs around and there was alot of sniffing action, but he was a little scared of the water... i did managed to coax him in and he was so cute swimming around, but he wanted right out and wouldn't even think  of going back in.. I think we were there for about 20 minutes.  But it was fun.  I think next year, we will go for sure.. even Sasha.. who doesn't mind the water but does mind other dogs (but we are working on that!).  Poor little Tucker, it was a lot for him but he did really well and tried to be brave.. He fell asleep in the back of the car by the time I was out of the parking lot...

ummm... i don't know about this

But it looks like fun!

Can I changed my mind?
fine... I'm swimming now

splish splashing

maybe it's not so bad...

I'm getting out of here!

that was exausting!

Saturday, August 27, 2011

tuckered Tucker

Tucker had an exciting day... Not only did he meet lots of people at our yard sale today, he also had a lunch date with a prospective adoptive family!  We hung out at Wide Hollow school with them for about an hour.  Tucker was anxious and a little nervous, but enjoyed the treats they gave him.  :)   Tucker did a lot of sleeping today.. all the activity and meet and greats 'tuckered' him out!

Friday, August 26, 2011

Who doesn't love a massage?

 Tucker loves having his head rubbed... mellows him right out...

Turns out, he doesn't mind a full body rub either and it makes his legs all spread out

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

New Playmates for Tucker!

Tucker meet Chief (the Dalmatian) and Emery when Cassie and I went over to Holly's house to smell the new Fall Scentsy line (yumm).  While Tucker was nervous for about 10 minutes meeting these two huge dogs - him and Emery quickly became friends and played chase and lots of  running around.. they were pretty cute... Lots of sliding on the hardwood floor.   Chief got tired of these twos antics quickly and went off to bed  but I'm sure Emery and Tucker could have played for hours more... :) 


How cute is this?
Tucker still has some hormones working in him

Emery uses her paws to keep Tucker from running away!

Paying attention for treats!

Monday, August 22, 2011

Leapin' Tucker

Another successful day in the crate while I was at work.. yeah!  He's really getting the routine down... Him and Sasha kind of lost their minds this weekend though... I had people in the front yard digging to find a water leak... People coming in the house, going under the house... Then a big re-arrangement of my hobby room and dining room - by the end of the day, these two reminded me of couple of kids who had too much sugar.. Running around like maniacs, barking at everything, getting underfoot - way too much stimulation for them and not enough one on one attention... But the house is all rearranged nicely and they quickly have gotten back to normal... Right now I have one on each side of me taking a nap and I'm thinking of joining them!

Saturday, August 20, 2011

I Love Cats But They Don't Love Me!

Tucker's previous home had a cat that was super tolerant of him... not the case with my cat Sarah... She hissed and hides from him.  He wants to play with her and will bark at her until we shoo him away.. then he will come back over and over again... So I had an idea... I took him to meet Strider - our neighbor king cat that is always about... Again, Tucker wanted to play.. really it was cute watching him tried to get Strider to play.. Strider said no, and no, and then Tucker got a swipe on nose... Did it work?  No.. He still wanted to play!  So Strider ran away... Round one to Tucker...   I will have to come up with a new idea...

who wouldn't want to play with this cute little face?  

Tonight I tried out my double lead leash with Tucker and Sasha together and it was great.. .They walk well together until we were on the way home and Sasha starts to lag cause she's tired.  They aren't BFF's yet, but they are on their way to be friendly...  There was also a dog barking as we walked by and they perked up, but with a little talking, not a peep at either of them. 

No accidents in the crate on Friday, so I think the extra time and a walk in the am is the trick.  He's also using the doggie door on his own as needed...

Rolling around in the front yard...

Friday, August 19, 2011

Tucker Days

Tucker is settling in to the routine.  We've had some backwardness in the crate with accidents the past couple days, but I'm going to work on getting up a bit earlier and giving him some extra time and a walk before I go to work.. I'm so not a morning person and am usually running late, so he doesn't always get the time I think he needs.  Plus I'm going to try to come home at lunch too  Fingers Crossed!

We went to the vet today to get his microchip and heartworm testing.  He met a couple of kids about 4 and 5 and let them pet him.  He was a little nervous, but he was at the vet too, so it could have been that.  His little knees were shaking as we were waiting in the lobby, but he was trying to be brave as he sat next to me.  He did a good job.  Afterwords we went to the pet store and walked around and he did well.  Let a couple of people pet him.  Sniffed around...  No barking, no growls and thankfully, no peeing until after we left the store! 

He's a good dog and super sweet. He can get a little pacey, but it gets a little better each day as he gets to know us. He's a jumper too as he recovers from his neuter. And it took a few days, but I did get some kisses from him (Cassie got them a day before I did), but he seems to prefer to lick your hand versus giving back kisses.   He also took a short nap on my bed yesterday and today on the couch, which is new as he's starting to trust us. 

Dislikes: the peanut butter kong treats!  the weirdo!  doesn't seem to be a fan of any kind of peanut butter flavor.  but so far he likes everything else.  He really likes to eat. 

Training:  Spin - taught him to spin for a treat.  Too cute!  He sits on command too.  He uses the doggie door to do his business and he's pretty good in the crate.  he was also go in there just to rest or to take a toy he wants to keep. 

He also loves to play tug... He tried to get Sasha to and I really think she thought about it for a second before saying no.  They get along for the most part and she's pretty tolerant of him but no play...Though... I can play tug with both of them with a toy in each hand.. That's been pretty fun.  He can get overexcited and get a little mouthy, grapping up to high but I just stop playing and turn away  and he stops... I think he just gets too into it... We will continue to work on that... 

tired after a long day

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

*Sob* *Sob* Ooo Shelly


So on Sunday Shelly went off to go to her wonderful parents, but it was heartbreaking for me, Cassie. I was strong when Sebastian left, and Shelby, but something about her little face, and white paws made me fall in love.
Maybe it was the fact that she liked me more than Mom. The way she would obsess over the red dot, or how she would be impatient for a treat were my favorite traits of hers. Or the way she would stretch crawl towards us wiggling her butt.

Shelly's new home is going to be amazing! I know she will just be in love with Lisa's two little girls, who were very excited for having a new dog.

I think the hardest thing of being a "co-fosterer" is getting attached, which I thought I would never happen. (WHAT WAS I THINKING!)

At the amazing New Rattitude Reunion where about 40 rat terriers showed up and were absolutely adorable all checking each other out and sniffin'. I was unhappy with the fact that Shelly was going home but it was hard to think that Shelly should stay when i saw her new parents. The last kisses for Shelly are still in my heart. I will always love lil shells.

-In other news Mom and I won two prizes for the raffle and one of them had a doggie bed. Which has another visitor other than a dog....
I love you lil shelly and will always miss you:)
P.S. Shelly's new name is Indigo, named by the little girls

Monday, August 15, 2011

Tucker and Sebastian sitting in a tree...

Took Tucker and Shelly to the New Rattitude Reunion in Bellevue today.  Was worried it was going to be too much for Tucker, but he did really well.  He tolerated the 2 1/2 hour trip with little fuss.  Once there, he was able to be let of leash in the dog park and ran around checking things out until he met Sebastian (who was might first foster) and then it was love at first sight and mutual.  Tucker definately has alot of hormones in him!   When Sebastian left the dog park, Tucker went to the fence and just stared and whined at him.  (tucker has the purple harness and sebastian is in the blue) He got into a couple little spats (with one dog in particular), but easily pulled apart. 

 At the end of it (about 3 hours later), he was definately done for the day and I think he was asleep in his crate before we were out of the dog park. 

And we won a couple of things at the NR raffle - so Tucker and Sasha have some new toys and stuff to play with.    It was a tiring but wonderful day.  (Cassie will be posting about Shelly, our 6 month old puppy who went to her furever home today too). 

Tired after a long day of playing...

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Shelly has a playmate!

So I didn't managed to get any videos of these two... but Tucker and Shelly are finally chasing each other and playing.  Yeah!  Sasha supervises from the couch or anyplace up off the floor and barks if they get to rowdy... Tucker will come over to Sasha, either saying sorry or please... and they are off again!  So cute!  Glad to see Tucker getting his energy back.. .

Nap time!

Basking in the sun

he's still unsure of the doggie door, he's asking me to let him in.

Shelly just waiting to get the signal to play

enjoying the sunshine

Kisses for Shelly
Sasha making sure it's okay to come out with the crazy puppies..