Saturday, July 2, 2011

where for art thou Sebastian

So it's been a week without Sebastian and he is settling into his new home.  His parents are in touch and he is doing well once he got all settled in.  He had some stomach upset and kept poor Ryan up the first night with potty breaks, poor thing.. the both of them!  He's barking some when being left alone, but I think it's due to all the changes and should get better as time goes by and he gets more secure.  Everyone at New Rattitude is giving advice on helping this get better as soon as possible, which I think it will in no time. 

I've heard that they bought him a sling to carry him in, which I think it just perfect for this little prince when his paws get tired! 

Sebastian in his new home and his new toy and of course a sun spot!

A new foster for me in in the works and hopefully in a week or two, I will have another which I am looking foward too.. Stay tuned!

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