Friday, July 22, 2011

Settling In...

Shelly is here... She is gorgeous!  She wants to play with Sasha like I thought and is quite beside herself that Sasha doesn't want to... She tried nice, she tried barking, she's tried growling... nothing is working.. My Sasha just isn't into it... and Shelly just doesn't get it... :)  We will find her a playmate.

Cassie is really bonding with her and she is a sweet little thing.  We did discover she is afraid when you shake a bag at her... I'm used to doing it with Sasha for treats but it makes Shelly run away... poor thing... She'll learn it's a good sound! :) 

Play time outside!
Blurry but I like her little smile and teeth

Such a serious look!

Love her ears!

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