Saturday, July 9, 2011

Leapin' Rat Terriers!

Shelby arrived yesterday around 10 am.  She got to visit my work and meet all the people and she was very friendly but didn't want to let Susan out of her sight.  At one point, she just leaped up and Susan caught her.  Very cute.  (okay, maybe not the first time, but definately the second time).

After about an hour, I brought her home to meet Sasha and Cassie.  The meeting with Sasha didn't go so well. Shelby wanted nothing to do with her and didn't want to be sniffed!  But they walked together okay after a bit and today, they are getting along much better.   Shelby meet my neighbors son, who is about 6 and just coudn't get enough attention from him and he her, so she has a new fan next door.

Shelby spent most the night with Cassie (I was exausted and asleep pretty early), so they got lots of bonding time in.  I think they even spent time in Cassie's room with our cat Sasha.   And she leaped into Cassie's arms too when she wasn't picked up fast enough for her. 

She needs alot of attention right now.. she panicks every onec in awhile when she thinks I've disappeared...She's always checking to see I'm still here. 

Here she is playing peek a boo...


  1. I love the title and the story about her leaping is just hysterical!!! This little one seems funny. I can't wait to hear the next chapter.

  2. Awwww sweet nice for Cassie to spend time bonding with her...

  3. i know right? cassie just left and she's crying for her at the door... poor thing... some many people in and out the past few weeks... But Cassie will be back :)