Saturday, July 23, 2011

I Love Owls Too!

Shelly better get used to the owls here.. now she has her own owl blanket!    She seems to like it and it matches her little pink Kong so who wouldn't?
Took her last night over to my friends with the super nice German Shepard mixes, Sheriff and Sadie; she was nervous a but bit enjoyed playing out in their yard and there was a few friendly exchanges.. A few more visits and they will be friends and play in no time. 

She's not a fan of the car and attempted to jump out when we first put her in there... She didn't want to go back in when it was time to go home... So I'm just going to crate her when we have to go somewhere... will make her feel safer I think.  

She is a great crate sleeper and let me sleep in today which was super.  Thanks Shelly!  She's a really sweet dog and she loves bouncing toys, but is scared of the squeeky ones...   And likes to take all the toys outside (she is learning the doggy door, but still needs reminders to potty).  We are really enjoying her... :)

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