Sunday, July 10, 2011

Do I Have To Have A Babysitter?

Today Cassie and  I traveled to Redmond for a Washington Rattitude foster meeting... (which was so fun!) so my friend Amber came by around noon to pick up Shelby and babysit her for me.

Shelby did great... loved Mia, their 6 year old daughter and exchanged lots of kisses...  They played together the whole day. 

However, terrified of the big dogs they have - 2 german shepard mixes.. They are the sweetest dogs and would play and but Shelby ran away and howled and wanted nothing to do with them.  She eventually calmed down but still didn't want anything to do them.    More exposure (soft and easy) would do her good.

We finally got home where Shelby was too tired from her day to even eat, so she napped for a bit before getting up to eat and back to sleep she went... I might do the same :)

Getting some love from Mia

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