Friday, July 29, 2011

Fun fun in the sun

I had to babysit Mia today for a couple of hours so I brought Shelly.  She's getting so much more comfortable over there.  She even let Sadie lick her and do a little ear cleaning.   She was very curious about Black cat, though at one point, got too close, too fast and got swatted at, but that's how you learn.  Mia and her did a lot of chasing of each other and black cat really enjoyed chasing Shelly's leash.. All around fun time for all. 

Black Cat and Shelly checking each other out

Black Cat has Shelly's leash making sure she doesn't run off!

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Laser Show

I used a laser light today with Shelly and it was pretty hysterical watching her chase it.  We have to move off the tile because she was sliding too much.  I actually wore her out for a bit after about 20 minutes of her chasing the light.  I didn't even know dogs would chase a laser light (thought only cats did) but after an episode of Wilfred, I thought I would try it... Who knew?  Probably everyone but me.  :)  Tooka couple of videos but it was hard to do with the laser... will have to wait until Cassie gets home :)


Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Play Date

Back over to Amber's today for dinner and for Shelly to play with Sadie and Sheriff.  She did much better with these two sweet dogs.  She really enjoyed running around in the yard and getting Sadie to chase her (though Sadie won't come off the porch) so it was funny to watch.  I managed to get a short video of it even.

Monday, July 25, 2011

Surgery Day for Shelly

Shelly's spay surgery went fine and she is just sleeping mostly with occasional potty breaks... She's so tired and my dog Sasha is enjoying "mellow" Shelly.  Little does she know, she's got only a day at most before Shelly starts getting her normal self... :)

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Splish Spash

Shelly was taking a bath!  Cassie was running a bath and guess who decided on her own she wanted one too?  She stayed in probably 10 minutes.  It was pretty funny to watch her attempted to lay down in the bath too.  What a funny dog!
Now she is busy running laps around the house... go Shelly!

Saturday, July 23, 2011

I Love Owls Too!

Shelly better get used to the owls here.. now she has her own owl blanket!    She seems to like it and it matches her little pink Kong so who wouldn't?
Took her last night over to my friends with the super nice German Shepard mixes, Sheriff and Sadie; she was nervous a but bit enjoyed playing out in their yard and there was a few friendly exchanges.. A few more visits and they will be friends and play in no time. 

She's not a fan of the car and attempted to jump out when we first put her in there... She didn't want to go back in when it was time to go home... So I'm just going to crate her when we have to go somewhere... will make her feel safer I think.  

She is a great crate sleeper and let me sleep in today which was super.  Thanks Shelly!  She's a really sweet dog and she loves bouncing toys, but is scared of the squeeky ones...   And likes to take all the toys outside (she is learning the doggy door, but still needs reminders to potty).  We are really enjoying her... :)

Friday, July 22, 2011

Settling In...

Shelly is here... She is gorgeous!  She wants to play with Sasha like I thought and is quite beside herself that Sasha doesn't want to... She tried nice, she tried barking, she's tried growling... nothing is working.. My Sasha just isn't into it... and Shelly just doesn't get it... :)  We will find her a playmate.

Cassie is really bonding with her and she is a sweet little thing.  We did discover she is afraid when you shake a bag at her... I'm used to doing it with Sasha for treats but it makes Shelly run away... poor thing... She'll learn it's a good sound! :) 

Play time outside!
Blurry but I like her little smile and teeth

Such a serious look!

Love her ears!

Thursday, July 21, 2011

New Foster Arriving Today!

Shelly was rescued off of Craigslist and spend the day yesterday with Janelle getting all deflea'd and dewormed (thanks!) and will be heading over today by Cassie.  Get ready Sasha (my dog), I think this one is going to want to play!
Shelly with her sister Licorice

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

There's No Place Like Home

Shelby went to her furever home today and is settling in.  Her new mom tuckered her out!  She's sporting  a cute little girly harness and getting all the love and attention she deserves.  Yeah for Shelby! 

Monday, July 18, 2011

I'm Adopted!

Exciting day all around... Little Shelby has found her fur-ever home with Sherise over in Seattle. And Cassie just happens to be heading over to Seattle for a concert  tomorrow so she will be taking Shelby to her new home.  We've only had her a little over a week but she was just so cute, she already found a home!   Her new family will show her loves of love and teach her the socialization skills she needs to be a happy secure dog.  Yeah for Shelby!

I just couldn't resist one more sleeping picture... because, wow, who sleeps with their feet by their face?  Shelby does!

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Visiting the Westside

Shelby had a super busy day today.  We took her to Seattle when she met up with some co-workers, had a visit with prospective adopters, met up with another foster dog and a quick trip to the Bite of Seattle.  She loved meeting the co-workers, was an adorable angel with the adopters but didn't so much like Sebastian, my first foster, who was more than happy to play with her, but she just isn't ready.  Took her to the Bite of Seattle which was a bit busy for her, so I stuck her in my oversized purse and she was pretty happy in there with her little head popped out.  Once we sat down to eat on the grass, she got out and met some people, again doing really well with people.  We didn't stay long there, it was a pretty busy place.     She traveled great in her crate but is happy to be out of there and back in a place she recognizes.  (me too!)
out like a light
Sebastian is thriving in his new home with his parents, Ryan and Nik. 
It was so good to see him again! 
Ryan and Sebastian

So cute in his little carrier

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Pillow Siesta!

Shelby lots to sleep under and in things... under blankets and even in pillows!  Here she is in my owl pillow!!

Doing better since the spay but still a little sore...

She's all snuggled in...

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

It's a Sun Shiny Day!

Little Shelby is feeling much better today.  Still walking a little slow but she is getting back to her old self... I gave her the guilt bone and she is digging it...

when I first got home - took her out and let her enjoy the nice weather.. She had fun just wandering the yard and checking things out...  The neighbors came out and she got to visit so she got so extra lovin in...

The sun is in my eyes!

I'm pretty sure there is something interesting over there!

Spay Day!

Shelby went off to the vet today to have her spay... she did well and has just been sleeping all day.  She has lost a little ove a  pound since last weighed.. She was 10.2 and as of today she is 9.1.  Once she is feeling better, I'm going to work at getting her weight up a bit...  I also have a special chew bone waiting for her once she is recovered (foster mom surgery guilt).    It's been not the same in the house with her all quiet and out of it...

I got a cone in case Shelby needs it and since she was all sleeping, we just had to try it out on Sasha.. :)  She was so not a fan but I think she looked pretty cute with it!

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Do I Have To Have A Babysitter?

Today Cassie and  I traveled to Redmond for a Washington Rattitude foster meeting... (which was so fun!) so my friend Amber came by around noon to pick up Shelby and babysit her for me.

Shelby did great... loved Mia, their 6 year old daughter and exchanged lots of kisses...  They played together the whole day. 

However, terrified of the big dogs they have - 2 german shepard mixes.. They are the sweetest dogs and would play and but Shelby ran away and howled and wanted nothing to do with them.  She eventually calmed down but still didn't want anything to do them.    More exposure (soft and easy) would do her good.

We finally got home where Shelby was too tired from her day to even eat, so she napped for a bit before getting up to eat and back to sleep she went... I might do the same :)

Getting some love from Mia

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Leapin' Rat Terriers!

Shelby arrived yesterday around 10 am.  She got to visit my work and meet all the people and she was very friendly but didn't want to let Susan out of her sight.  At one point, she just leaped up and Susan caught her.  Very cute.  (okay, maybe not the first time, but definately the second time).

After about an hour, I brought her home to meet Sasha and Cassie.  The meeting with Sasha didn't go so well. Shelby wanted nothing to do with her and didn't want to be sniffed!  But they walked together okay after a bit and today, they are getting along much better.   Shelby meet my neighbors son, who is about 6 and just coudn't get enough attention from him and he her, so she has a new fan next door.

Shelby spent most the night with Cassie (I was exausted and asleep pretty early), so they got lots of bonding time in.  I think they even spent time in Cassie's room with our cat Sasha.   And she leaped into Cassie's arms too when she wasn't picked up fast enough for her. 

She needs alot of attention right now.. she panicks every onec in awhile when she thinks I've disappeared...She's always checking to see I'm still here. 

Here she is playing peek a boo...

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Shelby's Coming to Town!

Shelby is flying in tomorrow evening to SeaTac and having a sleep over at Janelle's.  Friday morning, she will be meeting my friend and and co-worker (thanks Susan!) who was coming to Yakima anyway and she will bring her over the mountains!  Yeah!

Monday, July 4, 2011


My second foster dog is coming!  She was saved from a shelter in California along with her sister Amber.  She was an owner surrender from a breeder.  She is being fostered by Di down in CA until transport is ready and will be going to the vet on Tuesday.  Di says they are both pretty socialized and are acclimating to their new surroundings really well.    The plan is to have her in Washington next week and I will pick her up on Sunday.  She looks adorable!  Cannot wait! 
What a sweet face!

Shelby needs a nail trim!

Shelby (and Amber) with foster mom relaxing in the sun!

Saturday, July 2, 2011

where for art thou Sebastian

So it's been a week without Sebastian and he is settling into his new home.  His parents are in touch and he is doing well once he got all settled in.  He had some stomach upset and kept poor Ryan up the first night with potty breaks, poor thing.. the both of them!  He's barking some when being left alone, but I think it's due to all the changes and should get better as time goes by and he gets more secure.  Everyone at New Rattitude is giving advice on helping this get better as soon as possible, which I think it will in no time. 

I've heard that they bought him a sling to carry him in, which I think it just perfect for this little prince when his paws get tired! 

Sebastian in his new home and his new toy and of course a sun spot!

A new foster for me in in the works and hopefully in a week or two, I will have another which I am looking foward too.. Stay tuned!