Saturday, June 18, 2011

Rebel Dog

just notice what a rebel dog Sebastian is... he's got one black nail on each of his front paws...

Sebastian is really feeling better and getting back to his normal self... last night he was such a trouble maker - he ran off with the plastic dog dish to chew it, tried to eat some craft felt and got into my polyfil (to stuff pillows) and ran off with a mouthful.    Lesson:  Keep crafting room clean and don't let the puppy get bored!

Today, we went for a car ride to Pet Pantry (local pet store) and he did so much better in there. Let people pet him, checked it all out.    It's smaller, quiter, no so bright and not so many people.   There was a big gerbil playpen in there with about 6 gerbils (did you know they chirp when they hear the woman get them their lettucee?  too cute! )  Oh, and he pee'd in their cage!  maybe he was jealous, I was quite fascinated by them.  So glad I am full with animals now...

Then we went for a trip to work to meet a co-worker Sharon and he showed her how cute he was.  He was really well behaved in there, though he did find some paper to chew on... of course :)

Sasha and Sebastian... getting a bit closer!


  1. aww such a cute picture. i can already tell he's a little trouble maker that uses cute faces to get away with things. :) for some reason the videos don't work for me. They give me an error no matter what computer I try them on. Is anyone else having this problem?

    I'm so excited to come pick him up. I'm hoping some of the New Ratitude volunteers will want to schedule play times with their foster's and Sebastian. He can use some friends in the area to play with. :) Maybe someday he will even want to foster another rattie, you know, to give back. :)


    p.s. i bought ceramic food and water dishes for him after I got your email about him stealing the plastic one. hahah

  2. i tried sending you a link directly from the web album - hopefully you can see it from there...

    if not, maybe I will have to try another solution