Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Living in Yakima

So Sebastian's first night went well.  I put him in a wire crate when it was bedtime.  He cried a little for maybe 10 minutes before settlling down.  But even that was pretty quiet and not too loud.    When I woke up this morning, he was just sitting there awake and waiting to be let out...

No accidents in the house and lots of praise and treats when he potties outside.  I think he will be house trained in no time.  He does want to mark so the belly band is coming in handy and I bought some material to make more.  I made my first one and it was pretty easy.  (See pictures below).  I'm not able to get him into the vet until next Tuesday to be fixed, so that's a bummer but what can you do? 

Took him over to my neighbor who has a part rat terrier and daushand mix... Sebastian wanted to play but she did not.  There were lots of kids out in the neighborhood playing, it was super warm today.  He wanted to go see them but I thought we would wait until he settles a bit more.  No barking though.. he is really quiet dog. 

He will bark though... We did have an incident with my cat Sarah today.  However, it was my dog, Sasha who chased her - I think she's all confused with the changes to the household... Sebastian followed and barked a few times, but definately was not the instigator.   I yelled at Sasha to stop, probably the first time I have raised my voice around Sebastian and it scared him and he kind of curled into a ball  and put his head down.  Kind of sad really.   I gave him some lovin's and he was okay, but you tell he's had some negative experiences. 
it's like he saying.. Really Becky?  Owls? do I have to wear it?
made my first belly band, so it had to be owls :)

love the black and pink paw pads!

just a cute pose


  1. omg that last picture is soo cute! sounds like he's doing pretty well and warming up to you pretty quickly, which is a good sign. those belly bands are really cute on him, especially loving the owls. :)

    i swear he looks so much bigger in pictures than he is in real life. i love his ears!

  2. You guys are doing awesome! I'll have to send you more un-housetrained rescues to train. Grin. Just kidding! Hey, great job on the belly band! That is really cute. I'm going to have to talk you into making up a batch for the NR Auction we are having at the end of the summer. :) See, I'm always working an angle.

  3. He has awesome ears! And he is definately become much more calm and sure of himself... not a peep out of him last night when I crated him either... so he is a quick learner!

    Janell I will be happy to make some belly bands for the auction!