Wednesday, June 8, 2011


Busy day today all around.  Sebastian went on a short road trip to my friends house that has two german shepards that are super sweet dogs.  he didn't like the car ride at all but once we got there... oh what fun he had!  He got along great with the dogs but mostly Sheriff and him played and chased.. I tried to get pictures, but they were too fast for my phone camera!  They also spent the first 15 minutes marking over each others spots and scratching at the grass at each other... It was pretty funny.. I've never had a male dog before so all this male posturing is new to me and cracks me up.

He also met BlackCat,  has who gets along great with dogs and he was fine with him too... wanted to play but BlackCat wasn't having anything of that... He did give chase when the cat ran away but that was about it... He is just mostly curious and looking to play.

Last night and tonight we also got him to sit!  He's not all all sure what he's doing but he's starting to figure out he gets treats when he sits.  yeah!

Dislikes:  this morning I turned on hair dyer to dry my hair and he ran into the hallway and would not come back in until I put the hair dryer away.

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