Friday, June 24, 2011

Endings and Beginnings....

So Sebastian is with Ryan and Nik now in his 'fur-ever' home.  They are thinking about keeping the name Sebastian, which i would understand if they didn't, but neato if they did.  Time will tell as they get to know this little man better in the upcoming days. 

Sebastian did great on the ride trip up to CleElum, but he had some stinky gas... geez!  Must of been nervous to what was going on.

I did fine with giving him over to Ryan, who was super nice and I know will be good dog parent to him, but I admit I had a moment when I drove away and saw him look at me like "hey, where you going". 

I wish Sebastian all the best and have such happiness that his journey has brought him to a good home and a good life.  As he is my first foster dog, he will always have a special place in my heart.  He is such a good little dog and it was wonderful to see him come out of his shell these past few weeks... and maybe I will see him at the Rattitude Foster reunion in August that Ryan said he might be coming to. :) 

Look West Young Dog!

Sebastian is going home today!    I think he knows something is up - he was so full of energy last night and literally ran laps around my house.  Sasha kept trying to get him to stop, but he wasn't having any of that and tried to entice her play, which she wasn't having any of.  They were cute... I kept throwing this little stuff snowman and Sasha would try to hard to beat him to it, and she just couldn't, but she could take it away from him!  She is 7, she just doesn't have the energy he does, but she does have more bossiness!

We had a nice morning - he actually let me sleep a little longer, probably exausted from all his running and craziness the night before.. Went for a walk, he did his business, cuddled a bit.. Gave him a bath - he ignored me for awhile.. So not a huge fan of the bathing... Then he settled down a bit.   Now later tonight - heading up to CleElum to give him to his new dad and they will head off together to his new home in the Seattle area! 

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

I'm Offically Adopted!

No new pictures today, but there has been a flurry of activity as Sebastian's official adoption has gone through!  Looks like he will be going to his fur-ever home this Friday with Ryan.   He will be livin' it up on the westside of the mountain.  I will miss this sweet little guy, but I'm so happy that his whirlwind of changes from being picked up in CA, living in a shelter for 2 months, being flown to Seattle, driven to eastern Washingon, getting neutered and living in Yakima will now be coming to end... One more change and drive to his new parents and he will be able to settle in his new home and life.  yeah for Sebastian! 

Monday, June 20, 2011

May I Please Have Another....

So I found a little widget for seeing YouTube videos on the blog and my phone will upload them automatically... so that's kind of cool.  Here we go...

Sebastian and Sasha on youtube - seems Sebastian thought he could convince Sasha to give up her treat after he demolished his... She ran into my room and told him very (or not so very) kindly... I don't think so!

We took Sebastian over to a friends house that had a new puppy... He kind of jumped on the puppy when he first saw him (scared us kind of), but he was just excited... Once he had a moment to calm down, he just sniffed the puppy.  Kind of a bummer the puppy never reallly woke up.  Good news:  no attempted marking or pottying over at Amber's house...

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Rebel Dog

just notice what a rebel dog Sebastian is... he's got one black nail on each of his front paws...

Sebastian is really feeling better and getting back to his normal self... last night he was such a trouble maker - he ran off with the plastic dog dish to chew it, tried to eat some craft felt and got into my polyfil (to stuff pillows) and ran off with a mouthful.    Lesson:  Keep crafting room clean and don't let the puppy get bored!

Today, we went for a car ride to Pet Pantry (local pet store) and he did so much better in there. Let people pet him, checked it all out.    It's smaller, quiter, no so bright and not so many people.   There was a big gerbil playpen in there with about 6 gerbils (did you know they chirp when they hear the woman get them their lettucee?  too cute! )  Oh, and he pee'd in their cage!  maybe he was jealous, I was quite fascinated by them.  So glad I am full with animals now...

Then we went for a trip to work to meet a co-worker Sharon and he showed her how cute he was.  He was really well behaved in there, though he did find some paper to chew on... of course :)

Sasha and Sebastian... getting a bit closer!

Friday, June 17, 2011

Sleeping and Sitting

Sebastian seems pretty recovered from his surgery already and back to his routine.... He did however destroy the bottom lining of his dog bed, which I had the great idea of putting in his crate to make him more "comfortable" - guess he showed me.  Showed me to buy a more durable dog bed that is!  and maybe sewing a new lining in the dog bed... I'm thinking owls!

Quit taking pictures of me, I know I'm cute!

Sebastian has mastered "sit"...  However, I find my voice kind of creepy in one of the videos and too high in the either... hahah

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

A Suprise for you, a suprise for me!

came home to two suprises today...

Suprise #1 - A nice, happy, warm greeting from Sebastian with lots of kisses so all is forgiven it looks like... I think it was the new dog bone that did the trick... He's feeling much better today and getting back to his little fiesty self...

And my second suprise was a #2 accident in his crate, so maybe he felt like I had been punished enough!  Honestly, I think he's just off his schedule due to the surgery and the pumpkin in his food...  We'll get him back on track and I can't imagine it was all that great being stuck in a crate with that....


Tuesday, June 14, 2011

The' tude in Yapitude

Sebastian had his neutering today... I picked him up a 4pm today from the vets (all went fine) and it's probably all foster mom guilt and the anesthesia but he's so unhappy with me.  Won't look at me and is sleeping facing away from me...No kisses from him either and not the slightest tail wiggle.    Here I've had him for a little over a week and he's getting all comfortable and out of his shell and then I drop him off at a strange place and he wakes up feeling all icky... I'd be none too happy either...

However.. I bought him some Evanger's Pheasant treats for tomorrow and a new chew bone and just plan on giving him his space today and and soon as he ready and feeling better, making him a happy puppy again. :)  

Let him lay out in the sun when we got home to soak up some rays - he slept outside for bit before wanting to come in where now he's sleeping on the corner of my bed.
love how he sits all proper-like!

Update:  So Cassie comes home and Sebastian wakes right up, wags tail and kisses her... NO FAIR!

Monday, June 13, 2011

The Future's So Bright!

Sebastian has an approved adoption family!  Yeah Ryan and Nik - I know you will be great parents to this little guy! 

Likes:  Any sunny spot in the house

Sunday, June 12, 2011

PetSmart not so smart

So I took Sasha and Sebastian to PetSmart yesterday... wow what a trip... Sebastian wanted to mark everywhere and barked at all the big dogs.... I think it was too much for him... Sasha was pretty mellow during the whole thing and let Sebastian be the trouble maker... And I discovered how hard it it to shop and take care of two dogs...

However all that barking led to a woman coming by who played with him because she also had a rat terrier and it sounded just like her dog.  So he did make a friend at least.   He had a bit of diarrhea outside right when we left...  He's such a mellow good little dog, I forgot I've only had him for 6 days and he's been through so much... Should have taken him to the smaller,  not so bright, local pet store (which was closed) and I'm sure it would have been fine and not so over stimulating

I picked up a couple of smaller more durable tennis balls because these little Rat Terriers are chewers and need good chew toys... My tennis balls are too big and they are sasha's anyways.

Training:  he will now sit for treats!  doesn't understand really the word but if you got a treat, he will sit for it! 

Likes:  Paper... chews it up.. He got a little paper owl, a toliet paper roll and some paper towels... Keep your paper up and away!

Friday, June 10, 2011

Play On!

Sebastian is really coming into his own... He has started play (destroying) toys...  This was Sasha's tennis ball....

Will he play with the toys I got him all special?  Of course not, but he digs Sasha's christmas petco dog squeakers...

Love how he lays!

and of course, him and Sasha have to battle it out... I have to say though... they are really starting to get along which is great...

Wednesday, June 8, 2011


Busy day today all around.  Sebastian went on a short road trip to my friends house that has two german shepards that are super sweet dogs.  he didn't like the car ride at all but once we got there... oh what fun he had!  He got along great with the dogs but mostly Sheriff and him played and chased.. I tried to get pictures, but they were too fast for my phone camera!  They also spent the first 15 minutes marking over each others spots and scratching at the grass at each other... It was pretty funny.. I've never had a male dog before so all this male posturing is new to me and cracks me up.

He also met BlackCat,  has who gets along great with dogs and he was fine with him too... wanted to play but BlackCat wasn't having anything of that... He did give chase when the cat ran away but that was about it... He is just mostly curious and looking to play.

Last night and tonight we also got him to sit!  He's not all all sure what he's doing but he's starting to figure out he gets treats when he sits.  yeah!

Dislikes:  this morning I turned on hair dyer to dry my hair and he ran into the hallway and would not come back in until I put the hair dryer away.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

The Kids are All Right!

Took little Sebastian for a walk this evening and introduced him to a gaggle of kids in my neighborhood who were hanging out together - when did we get so many kids in this neighborhood?  I swear they appeared out of nowhere!  ... There was about 4 boys and 4 girls, from about 5 years to 9 year old... Sebastian did great!  A bit skittish if they got behind him but he let them pet him and he even kissed a few :)  No growls, barks or anything...   He's a pretty gentle, good natured dog it seems when it come to the kids!

We are also working on the command "sit"...  Sebastian doesn't like to sit or hasn't figured it out yet,, but we are working on it!  We will get it because he really digs the treats and once he connects it, it will be no problem. 

Sebastian doesn't like going into dark rooms by himself.. which is kind of good at this point as it keeps him from wandering too far.

And, yes, Janelle, I made 2 more belly bands... I'm really getting the hang of how to make them.

Hide your Q-tips!

i've caught him with a couple and managed to get them from him - this Q-tip was not so lucky!

Living in Yakima

So Sebastian's first night went well.  I put him in a wire crate when it was bedtime.  He cried a little for maybe 10 minutes before settlling down.  But even that was pretty quiet and not too loud.    When I woke up this morning, he was just sitting there awake and waiting to be let out...

No accidents in the house and lots of praise and treats when he potties outside.  I think he will be house trained in no time.  He does want to mark so the belly band is coming in handy and I bought some material to make more.  I made my first one and it was pretty easy.  (See pictures below).  I'm not able to get him into the vet until next Tuesday to be fixed, so that's a bummer but what can you do? 

Took him over to my neighbor who has a part rat terrier and daushand mix... Sebastian wanted to play but she did not.  There were lots of kids out in the neighborhood playing, it was super warm today.  He wanted to go see them but I thought we would wait until he settles a bit more.  No barking though.. he is really quiet dog. 

He will bark though... We did have an incident with my cat Sarah today.  However, it was my dog, Sasha who chased her - I think she's all confused with the changes to the household... Sebastian followed and barked a few times, but definately was not the instigator.   I yelled at Sasha to stop, probably the first time I have raised my voice around Sebastian and it scared him and he kind of curled into a ball  and put his head down.  Kind of sad really.   I gave him some lovin's and he was okay, but you tell he's had some negative experiences. 
it's like he saying.. Really Becky?  Owls? do I have to wear it?
made my first belly band, so it had to be owls :)

love the black and pink paw pads!

just a cute pose

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Out like a light...

dontcha just love the whilte stripe down his face?  too cute!

Another new place...

Sebastian is finally here in Yakima. He is such a mild little man.  So far, not a bark out of him.  Sasha doesn't know what to think of him, but so far, she is tolerating him... a couple of growls of 'you are in my space' and he seems to get it and back off.    He's 13 lbs, got this great little white stripe down the middle of his face and now that he's had a bath, all soft and clean!

He's very alert and curious to this new place.  likes to get up on his back legs and check out things...  He is really disliking his belly band, which is quite funny, cause he will roll all around trying to get it off to no avail. 

Monday - call the vet to get him neutered!

Getting a bath

Thursday, June 2, 2011

I'm a leaving on a jet plane!

Word just came that "Sebastian" and yes, that is his name now, has his flight booked to SeaTac airpot this coming Sunday.  He needed a name other an A046406 and I think he looks like a Sebastian anyway.

His flight should be arriving around 3 in the afteroon and he will be picked up by Janell, the NR state coordinator who,with Sue, will be bringing him over the pass... We will meet up somewhere on
I-90, and then I will bring him to Yakima.  Very exciting!