Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Time to Make Some Friends!

Scotty got to go visit my friend house with many dogs, cats and kids.  He did great.  A little bossy with the new dogs,not at all intimidated by how much bigger they are than him.  They all did some barking at each other for about the first 10 minutes, but once they settled down - he actually got some good chase and play with Freya (seen below).  He came home and slept sooo good.   He did some barking and chasing of their (very dog aware) cats, and of course, wanted to meet and kiss all the kids.  

Freya, a puppy herself at only 4 months, not quite aware of her size... She did love Scotty and if was quite amusing to watch Scotty be the one in charge are her following his cues.  She drooled on him quite a bit and while they were cuddled up to Cassie (as seen below), Scotty actually nibbled on her feet and it was hysterical. 

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