Sunday, April 23, 2017

Making New Friends

Another day of running some errands with Scotty.  He's fun to take out and about; he just loves meeting new people so much. After errands were done - we stopped by the dog park to check it out... it was pretty empty in there and we thought it would be a good time to see how he would do.

He met up with 3 boxer siblings... Oh man, they were interested in him and he was not interested in them and let them know it.  They kind of swarmed him and it was overwhelming to him.  So their mom called them off and we took off for the other end of the park.  He was happy to explore and sniff some new surrounds.  When the boxers returned for another visit; I distracted the two so only one would meet up with Scotty and that went much better!  Once he got to know them, he was much more comfortable.  They were real sweethearts.  Then together they did some fence running with a dog in the small dog park area.

 Scotty was being a bit barky at the fence so after talking to the owners of the small dog, Pepperjack, we decided to head to that area and let Scotty and him play together.

Scotty I think was a little overwhelming to Mr. Pepperjack as Scotty was like PLAYTIME!! Let's wrestle!!!!    But they figured out their play style soon enough  and the fun was on!  Here is a video of them playing together too!  Video of Scotty and Pepperjack!  They played for a long time and when it was starting to get dark it was time to go.  They they did not want to leave each other!  Nothing like finding a good friend at the dog park.  It was good to see him have so much fun.  Even better, he was asleep before we left the parking lot.  He was one tired pup!  Hopefully we will see Pepperjack again!

Thursday, April 20, 2017


Scottyman's new thing - take as many outside and put them at the fatherest reaches of the back yard - then he just goes from toy to toy playing with them. 
 i call his name and he runs to me just as fast as he can for some pets and loving and then he's back out there again....


Tuesday, April 18, 2017


My dad came over this weekend and made fast friends with Scotty.  Nothing like a new lap to nap in!   Skeeter got her usual spot and they were two happy (yet sleepy) puppies.   Scotty loves his naps and he really is the best snuggle buddy one could ask for.

 He also doesn't say no to being snuggled in a bed, covers drawn up and a toy nearby...

Friday, April 14, 2017

Easter Bunny!!!

Cassie and Scotty got to meet the Easter Bunny at Petsmart!  Fun to do.  As before, he loved meeting all the new people.  He was a little barky when we first came in and there was quite a few dogs there...turns out he just wanted to meet one of the dogs and then settled down for a visit with the bunny and trip around the store. 

Wednesday, April 12, 2017


Cassie has been housesitting so Scotty has gotten to visit more with Freya and the other dogs there.. Freya is definately his BFF as they play, chase and snuggle together.  Great to have him run some of his energy out playing with Freya. 

That being said; he also amuses himself when it's just him.  He loves chasing after toys, either just him or when you throw them (doens't bring them back yet, but we are working on it).   Him and Skeeter have played tug a few times.  He just likes to play. 

Monday, April 10, 2017

Kong Time!

Gave the pups all a frozen kong with pumpkin and some wet dog food.  Heaven!  They all ran off to separate parts of the yard to get down to business.  Scotty preferred the cement and the shade. 

He has been doing really great here.. He's got the doggie door down pat and I would say housestrained - he still is crated when we leave since he is a puppy and will get into things when he gets bored; pretty normal stuff.    He's a super snuggler and is reallly in the phase of sleep hard,, then play hard and around and around we go. 

 Skeeeter took the most interesting spot and pose for her bully stick.  Was kind of driving me crazy that she was eating it on the bark but she does what she wants to do! :)

Sasha enjoyed hers on the grass in the sunshine.  She was a happy camper. 

Friday, April 7, 2017

Pet Store visit

Time for a ride to the pet store!  He does well in the car, strapped in.  He got a little car sick on his transport, but he seems to go okay for short trips.  He doens't look outside, but just sticks to his bed for the trip.
 We, of course, had to try on these cute new super hero outfits they have... Turns out he's not a fan of the the BatMan, but looked like he owns the superman outfit!   so freakin' cute!!

 Here he is making some new friends.  He wasn't at all nervous in the store, didn't mind checking things out, and wanted to very much meet each person he saw with his wiggle butt walk.  He was very cute and engaging.  Quite smitten with these kids below that we ran into a few times and let them give him some treats. 

Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Time to Make Some Friends!

Scotty got to go visit my friend house with many dogs, cats and kids.  He did great.  A little bossy with the new dogs,not at all intimidated by how much bigger they are than him.  They all did some barking at each other for about the first 10 minutes, but once they settled down - he actually got some good chase and play with Freya (seen below).  He came home and slept sooo good.   He did some barking and chasing of their (very dog aware) cats, and of course, wanted to meet and kiss all the kids.  

Freya, a puppy herself at only 4 months, not quite aware of her size... She did love Scotty and if was quite amusing to watch Scotty be the one in charge are her following his cues.  She drooled on him quite a bit and while they were cuddled up to Cassie (as seen below), Scotty actually nibbled on her feet and it was hysterical. 

Monday, April 3, 2017

Vet Day!

Off Scotty went to the vet for his neuter and the last of his vetting... Of course, he charmed all who met him and did great meeting new people... He reallly loves people and walks up all wiggle butt to every new person he meets!

He did however have a complication after his surgery.. HIVES!  and a lot of them, requiring not only a shot of benydrl but also a shot of epi to get them under control.  Poor baby... not fun at all.  Not life threatening, but not comfortable either... He had to stay on the benadryl for another couple of days.  Luckily, they are gone now without any further sign of them.

 Nothing like a pupcup after a vet visit - he was so sleepy and messy with the cup, we pulled into a parking space where Cassie would hold him and help him out...

What was he allergic to?  The vet isn't sure, but he got his rabies shot and had a few meds for his sedation (which she gave me a list of) so next time he goes in for rabies vaccine, they will have to be on the look out for a reaction.. if it's not that, then if he ever needs sedation, they will have to be prepared if they give the same meds.

Saturday, April 1, 2017

Sleepy Scotty!

So Scotty was pretty mellow and sleepy the first days he has been here... But he makes a good napping buddy for Skeeter while I work... She's not super thrilled about having a buddy on the desk bed, but settles into the space sharing...  He on the other hand, loves to snuggle up to Skeeter whenever he can...

He is a very sweet, happy and becoming more and more busy as the days go by and he settles in..

He's learned the doggie door by watching Sasha and Skeeter but we still are working on those housetraining skills.  He doesn't have a love of the crate though - I think sleeping alone is new to him and he's whiny about it but we are working on it.  He's just very much busy - curious about everything - plays hard and then sleeps hard.