Thursday, February 2, 2017

Vet Time!!!

So Mr Handsome had to to go the vet on Tuesday for the lump under his chin... He got ganged up during his shelter stay once and someone injured his salivary gland... After 10 days of antibiotics at the shelter, the swelling didn't decrease so off the vet we go..

He did great at the vet; interested and not overly worried - until it was time to examine him - and boy is he STRONG - I'm also used to little 7lb Skeeter and 15lb Sasha, but he was quiet squirmy.  When the vet decided to drain the abscess, he needed to get a little bit of a sedative... This thing is by his jugular and we definitely didn't want him squirming around!
Once that was done, he was much calmer and she drained his lump.  it was definately a ruptured salivary gland and he had quite a bit of icky fluid in there... He'll be on antibiotics for the net week and hopefully he will heal up and it will be the last of this... It's amazing to see him without what i was calling his double chin!

Sedatives kicking in.... so sleepy!
He weighs 22.4 lbs and he was very sleepy afterword, but not so sleepy he didn't perk up as Starbucks for a pup cup of whipped cream - though he kept kind of falling asleep in his cup!

But once he got a good nap in,, he was good to go... We of course got more snow, and we did have to coax him out for potty breaks but he does some exploring and doesn't seem to mind being out there as much.  He also knows how to come in from the doggie door, so now we are working on going OUT the doggie door. 

We are really enjoying giving him a safe place to heal up and relax and help him find his forever family!   He also might HAVE a sock fetish... will find out more as time goes on :)

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