Wednesday, February 22, 2017

I'm Adopted!

Can you believe it?  Stallone has been adopted and is already in his new home... Sometimes things just feel like they are meant to be... Stallone's new mom, who lives here in Yakima was ready and started looking to adopt a rescue rat terrier after losing her beloved rat terrier last year.  And lo and behold after a google search of Yakima Rat Terriers - she found Stallone on the New Rattitude Washington facebook page, and then my blog where sweet Stallone was and knew he was what she was looking for.

He really liked her when he first met her by showing off his fast rattie runs in her house and then giving her some kisses... And she's got low windows in her house where he can people and dog watch to his hearts content! And the great news was the very first night, he use her doggie door out to the garden and the second doggie door to the yard! Way to go! 

 We'll miss this big guy, but he's got good things ahead of him and maybe we will see him around from time to time in the neighborhood...

My last picture of Stallone playing tug with Skeeter.. he was being very gentle with her... He let her win the tug of war...

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