Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Welcome Stallone!

So Stallone made it here on Sunday - what a handsome big boy he is!  He's about 21 lbs, a total sweetheart, playful, and want Sasha to desperately play with him. 

He grudgingly accepted his bath, and of course got the zoomies afterwards... He's playful, very much puppy like with his antics.  And he was super quiet in the crate during the night and even patient in the morning, waiting for me to get him.  But excited to get out with a case of the wiggles.

Him and Sasha did do some bonding over bird barking/watching.... And he is learning about her space bubble as you can see by the photo!

He's not a fan of the snow we have and most of my back yard looks like snow, but it actually compacted down to ice... Poor guy went for a walk out there and fell in!  So we are coaxing him out with treats and he will come... It's a little more solid at the end of my yard - and he did get brave and venture out (and luckily did not fall down into it!)

 Its gonna be a challenge to complete his housetraning, but hopefully the snow won't be around for too much longer... He's a smart boy, he'll get it.

He has a vet appointment to check out the lump under his chin today, but in between that and play, it's snoozy time!

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