Monday, October 31, 2016

The Crew...

Skittles is back for some puppy sitting while his mom is away for a work trip... As always, it's super good to seem him... He easily just fits into the schedule of the house and gets along well with what we are doing...

Working lots these days and everyone gets times on the desk while I work... Sasha doesn't like it so much but she will stay up for about 1/2 hour before getting down (this happened while Skeeter was actually on a road trip with Cassie to pick up Skittles).  Skeeter however, loves this spot and stays up there while I work only getting down when I take breaks.. 

 Took both Sasha and Skeeter to their annual vet visit.... First time with two dogs and all went swimmingly until we exited as a big dog came in and then it was a bit chaotic - Skeeter barking, Sasha joining in.. We went back in the vet room until that dog got settled into a room and then we were able to exit a bit more quietly... They may be getting up in years, but you would never know from the noise these two are able to make when they want to! Angels :)

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