Sunday, September 18, 2016

Tadaaa! Summer is eatin' healthy!

I have found a couple of vegis and fruits that Summer will eat.. She is a HUGE fan of banana's. and will eat them whenever I get them.. I like them too and now I have to share them with 3 dogs, but it's all good.. and then one night I got her to eat a few carrots, however, carrots 3-6 were left on the rug uneaten.  I even got a video of the carrot eatin'!  Carrot Eatin' video <----

Everyday she relaxes a bit a bit more and gets a little more active.. Today she tried engaging Skeeter is play by running real fast around her and playbows for quite a bit of time... super cute but Skeeter wasn't haven't it so she had to settle for me :)

She gets very excited to see when Cassie comes home... She's even takin to looking out the front door when she things she hears her car..


  1. We live in CT, is it possible to adopt from that far away? Our 16 year old Rat Terrier passed away in June and Summer seems to have a similar personality, right down to the Summer's voice video...too cute!

  2. yes, you can always put in an application. I believe you just have to make the arrangements for pick up since it's so far away. You can go to for more information!