Thursday, September 22, 2016

Chasing treats!

Having fun with Summer in the yard... I was throwing treats and she had fun running and finding them.  t was  nice to see her get to run and get some energy out.  She's nervous at the dog park for such play still but at home, she's free to relax and have fun.  She's got excellent recall when treats are involved.

Come see her videos - Chasing Treats & Chasing Treats 2 - she had a funny little hop to her run today.  I think it was because the lawn was freshly mowed.  Silly girl.

Then she found something nice to roll in that I always think is a worm though I don't really know, but she got her wiggle on.

And she let me know that grass doesn't taste nearly as good as treats!

 Then time for bed... She would really like to sleep in a family bed...  She is an awesome snuggler.

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