Sunday, September 25, 2016

I'm Adopted!

Of course she is!  and she is in for a treat - she's been adopted by former New Rattitude adopters of Sandy, my foster foster dog.  :)  Sandy is just as sweet as and now with Summer - they have twice to sweetness!  I hope they become good buds!

Some last pictures of Summer before she is off to Portland to her new family!  Gonna miss her sweetness and cuddles. 
 A bully treat for her last weekend with me.. She didn't like me taking pictures up close... And while I wouldn't let just any two dogs lick the spoon of peanut butter together (why there is no Sasha), these two were just happy to enjoy the treat! 

Thursday, September 22, 2016

Chasing treats!

Having fun with Summer in the yard... I was throwing treats and she had fun running and finding them.  t was  nice to see her get to run and get some energy out.  She's nervous at the dog park for such play still but at home, she's free to relax and have fun.  She's got excellent recall when treats are involved.

Come see her videos - Chasing Treats & Chasing Treats 2 - she had a funny little hop to her run today.  I think it was because the lawn was freshly mowed.  Silly girl.

Then she found something nice to roll in that I always think is a worm though I don't really know, but she got her wiggle on.

And she let me know that grass doesn't taste nearly as good as treats!

 Then time for bed... She would really like to sleep in a family bed...  She is an awesome snuggler.

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Costume Time!

So I like to dress up my dogs... and when I saw pet halloween angel and devil wings with harness,  I knew I had to get them... Summer was so not impressed with this great idea of mine... Sasha and Skeeter are always great sports about it... 
 This expression below kills me!  It's likes WHY you making me wear this?  I think it's because the angel wouldn't fit her.  But how cute are Summer and Skeeter together>... These little wings came with and velcro to the harnesses too, cause I can always use extra harnesses!  We had Sasha in the devil wings for a bit, but she figured out fast that if she went under the coffee table, they would come off!  She's a smartie for sure and I didn't get any pictures.  But I think they are all pretty adorable.  

 Skeeter and Summer have been occasionally playing together.. I'm not sure it's as much playing as Skeeter just wanting to steal all the toys; but Summer enjoys it. ;)  
Cassie and I tried howling to see what Summer would do.. Turns out she will howl too!  She has such an interesting voice to her!  ----->Summer's voice - she's not much of a barker at all, but she does whine and yes, howl!  I wish it was longer but maybe another time

Sunday, September 18, 2016

Tadaaa! Summer is eatin' healthy!

I have found a couple of vegis and fruits that Summer will eat.. She is a HUGE fan of banana's. and will eat them whenever I get them.. I like them too and now I have to share them with 3 dogs, but it's all good.. and then one night I got her to eat a few carrots, however, carrots 3-6 were left on the rug uneaten.  I even got a video of the carrot eatin'!  Carrot Eatin' video <----

Everyday she relaxes a bit a bit more and gets a little more active.. Today she tried engaging Skeeter is play by running real fast around her and playbows for quite a bit of time... super cute but Skeeter wasn't haven't it so she had to settle for me :)

She gets very excited to see when Cassie comes home... She's even takin to looking out the front door when she things she hears her car..

Monday, September 12, 2016

NO Fruits and Vegi's

For treats, I like to give the dogs vegis and fruit.. Well Summer wasn't having any of that.. She would chew the green beans (and only if I handed them to her), crickle her nose and let them just fall out of her mouth... Luckily I had Sasha and Skeeter that are happy to pick up any left overs..

So we tried watermelon... I got a few licks and then a "You've got to be kidding me" face.. the apple didn't go over well either... We'll keep trying but she just likes her kibble and doggie treats..

Cassie did clip her nails this weekend and she was a champ.. Easy to do and got lots of treats during and after for being such a good girl at it!

Thursday, September 8, 2016

Hanging Out!

Me and Summer just doing some relaxing in the last days of the warmer weather... She loves just hanging out and sitting on your lap. 
Just a cute picture I had to share - worn out Summer!  She really doesn't like to get her picture taken, but when she's sleepy she can't stop me!  :)

Okay; this was too cute for words, though I was a bit worried that Summer would push Skeeter off the bed (see those back little legs on her side?), but they were both vying to be the closest to me and Summer just squeezed herself in between me and Skeeter... I think she was a little nervous about it, but Skeeter didn't seem to mind!

Monday, September 5, 2016

Labor Day Shenanigans

My dad came to visit and he's become quite the dog magnet... Summer got some nice cuddles in and Skeeter got to nap in her favorite place when he comes..

She loves to play with you... She's gentle and doesn't nip you, but does like to use her mouth... but she's fun to play with and watch her get all riled up as she chased your hands or a toy... 

 And soon enough, she's exhausted from all the play and needs nap! 

Saturday, September 3, 2016

Visiting Yakima

I took Summer out for a outing just by herself... She does need a little help getting in my car, but  loves going for car rides and just settles right into the dog bed.

First stop:  Pet store!  She was very nervous about entering through the automatic doors.  The nice cashier though helped coax her in (and I remembered to stay on the mat so the doors didn't close on her)... Once in, she enjoyed exploring all the sights and sounds and at the end of the visit, enjoyed some pets from the cashier... We bought treats and of course, she was very interested in those!

Next stop:  Dog park!  We took her once with Simon but it was a super busy day and all the big dogs who where nice to her, overwhelmed her, so I thought going a 4pm in the afternoon, the park would be pretty empty.. And is was... So we just did some walking about and I let her sniff about; she stuck pretty close to me... Later, a dog did come and greet here and she was fine with that but nothing more.  Towards the end of the visit, when two dogs came and were chasing tennis balls, she actually wandered out and gave short little runs.  I think she she wanted to join in on the chase!  It was a really positive visit for her!
Look at those cute little whiskers all over her muzzle... and I got a smile from her at the dog park!

Last stop:  Puppachino time!  She was napping by this time, but when the whipped cream treat came, she woke right up and scarfed that down.  I think it was a nice treat to the end of the day. 
 Such a serious girl sometimes, but just a little effort and you can see her relax and have herself a good time.  We will be doing this again!

Thursday, September 1, 2016

Sweet Summer

Summer is a gentle little girl, very sweet, but she is SUPER interested and bossy almost when it comes to people food... Picture below was her trying so hard to get to the dish with chicken on it... She tried all angles, but to no avail and was pretty sad when I put the plate away...her life is tough!
She also likes to sleep next to Skeeter who doesn't seem to mind the company.  
 She will play a little fetch with you and last night, all three girls got into it... She is pretty fast much to the annoyance of Sasha and even Skeeter got into it by getting to whatever I was throwing first... I ended up trying to throw 3 for each of them.. Skeeter just grabbed her and put them in a pile.. :)