Thursday, June 2, 2016

I'm Adopted!

Lucky Sherlock didn't have to wait long for his forever family... He's heading to Eastern Oregon with a retired couple who are going to spoil this little man rotten (and are signing him up for some training courses too!) - he'll get plenty of attention and love and their daughter has a dog that hopefully will enjoy playing with him sometimes too!  He's heading home on Monday so we have a few days left with this little fellow and then he's off to his new life!

He snuck in under the covers where Skeeter was sleeping for a nap.. He does work on trying to get, keep on her good side... It doesn't always work; but times like this, it does!

A video of Skeeter being bossy with Sherlock.. Sherlock drops a toy - i like that she's bossy; but gentle bossy..

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