Saturday, March 19, 2016

Walking on Sunshine!

It was such a nice day on Saturday, I took Marcia out for a walk at Randall park.  It's a busy park with dogs and people.  She is just super on a leash... nice and slow (which is my speed), doesn't pull and while she does like to sniff and pee on as many things as she deems necessary, she is easy to move along.    We also met people which went well and meeting dogs too... One dog was growly and barky at her and she wanted to go have a conversation with him but I just kept her walking and she was easily distracted by the next smell...

  She was such a happy girl getting out and enjoying the sunshine!  We went to the pet store after and she handled it like a champ - enjoyed meeting people and dogs alike.... :)

 Love a pooped out puppy and love seeing Skeeter and Marcia being snuggly! 
Marcia is just the sweetest dog.  Mellow but not lazy... She just wants to be with you and see some sights.  I think the car worries her a bit;  she pants while in it, but then she also goes right to the car and jumps in.  I think more positive road trips for her and she would be more excited in the car versus worry.  We'll work on that. 

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