Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Fleece for days!

I found this wonderful fleece over the weekend and Cassie made me a tie blanket... there was so much left over, we made a couple of dog blankets too! 

Once again, Skeeter was in heaven snuggling in fleece... This girl loves her fleece!

Sasha even got in on the action and snuggled down in some fleece though she was kind of hard to see...

 There she is!   We have lots still left over, so I'm thinking matching fleece pj's for these gals are in order! 

Skeeter is impressing me with her use of the doggie door even in the snowy, cold and dark weather... We took her out in the front yard yesterday though while Cassie was raking up some leaves and she did not like it at all!  She just stood in place and shivered, so we put her back inside so she could cuddle in some fleece!

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