Thursday, October 15, 2015


This sweet little girl is coming up soon to be fostered by me.  She is 10 years old... She was an owner surrender due to her owner living in an apartment and leash reactivity.  Thanks to Tara at the HSSW who saved this little girl and went to networking to and finding us to foster her.

She came to the HSSW and us, unspayed, with mammary tumors (no cancer, thankfully) and needing a dental that resulted in the loss of 6 teeth.  Tara is taking care of her during her recovery and when she is well enough, she'll come up to me. Should be a couple of weeks I think. 

She gets along fine with another dog, but gets overwhelmed with too many - she's a quiet girl who just wants to explore the yard, nap and snuggle with her person so I thought my house sounded like somewhere she do well in as we work on finding her her forever family.

Such an unfair and tough break for this sweet little girl and I imagine the past couple of months have been scary for her.    I see Sasha and her becoming good napping buddies!  Sasha appreciates the nappers!

Skeeter has had a lot of pain recovering from all the surgical work that was done but with fluids and pain meds seems to be starting to recover. Ends up the rotten and broken molars that were removed had roots that were tangled with healthy tooth roots so the extractions were difficult. The good news is that once she has recovered she won't have all that tooth pain.  The vet gave New Rattitude a generous 50% rescue discount on her procedures but we still need to raise the $600 to cover her surgery expenses. Any donations to help with Skeeter's bill would be greatly appreciated. To learn more about how to donate go to and click on the "sponsor this dog" button in Skeeter's section. Thanks so much

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