Monday, September 14, 2015

Sylvester is coming to town!!!

So my newest foster will be arriving at the end of the month around the 27th and he's a cutie for sure... so spotty! The breaks been nice but sooo quiet!  I don't know about Sasha, but I'll enjoy a little more activity in the house with a new foster :)
And I've got a visitor this week... Good ol' Tucker who I fostered back in 2011 has come for a visit for a few days... Its good to see him and get to know him again... A little nervous when he arrived on Saturday but by Sunday he was playing with us... he still runs to the door when he hears a noise though... I think he's anxiously awaiting his parents return which will be this Wed!  He's sooo handsome!   It's good to see him doing so well and be so loved.  :)  

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