Sunday, August 23, 2015

Updates on Sparrow and Mulder

So Sparrow is busy settling in with his new people and Gollum,  her new fur-brother...  She's doing well and getting along great and I'm sure loving all the attention.  They've got some obedience training planned for her  which she will just be a superstar at it I'm sure!  Sad to see her and her spunky energy go, but Sasha not so much - she'll be resting up for sure :).  Lots of fun play ahead for Sparrow for sure! 

Baxter too (formally Mulder) - is doing superbly - he is great buddies with his fursister Maddie and they are cuddling together... He gets to go on lots of hikes and this little tripawd dog had no problems with doing 11 miles! Of course, we knew that!  Love seeing him so happy and loved :) 

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