Sunday, August 16, 2015

Playdate time!

Took Sparrow back to the dog park to hang out... She did was busier this time; quite a few dogs there...  a little barking; but it was mostly at people - her version of hi I think... A little teeth and growl at some bigger dogs that kind of had her sandwiched in between them... Easily diffused before it got out of hand... she's easily distracted onto new things so it's easy to move her out of there but you gotta keep an eye on her if she's getting nervous... There was an argument with some other dogs and she wanted to join in on the barking but treats and quick grab of her kept her out of the way...
 At the end of our visit; she met Hercules and finally go to get her play on...   They ran and chased and seemed to really be into each other... It was pretty cute to see...I knew she could do it! 

 But the real reason we came was to see TUCKER!  Tucker was one of my first dogs in my 1st year of fostering and lives in Yakima... He's a bigger RT - about 16 lbs and 6 years old now.   While him and Sparrow didn't really play together, they hung out and Sparrow seemed to enjoy following him... He's an energetic boy and it was good to see him and hear about him. He's got great parents and is a lucky boy.   He's as handsome as ever and boy, still the jumper!! I didn't get as nearly as many pictures of him as I wanted, but he enjoyed checking out the park; doing some fence patrolling with Sparrow and then it was all about the critters when he found out they were hanging out in the branches of the trees!  Great video of him getting amped about the critters and Sparrow not sure what was going on but wanting to be part of the action!  ----->Critter Huntin video

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