Thursday, August 6, 2015

Day at the Park!!!

This is the face I had to keep looking at all day while I was working... so as soon as I was done - off to the dog park we went!  She was so very patient which I know is hard for her to do - I figured she deserved some fun!  (look at those puppy paws!)
 There wasn't another person or dog in the park that Sparrow could see - she was busy sniffing and exploring new grounds!  She was very excited and alert!
  Lots to do and lots to explore!  We went walking around and exploring all there was to see....

 She didn't even notice this dog sitting at the edge of the park being chill...
But finally they met and did really well together... they enjoyed just hanging out being sniffy buddies...
 Things went well with her new friend and when Sparrow finally wore herself out exploring, it was time to go home!     She did get a little nervous around this dogs person - being a little barky and anxious at seeing a new person... But after a bit with some holding and reassurance, she settled down.   New things are kind of scary to her but reassurance (and treats) help her with her confidence :)

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