Friday, August 28, 2015

Updates (Simone)

March 2012, puppy Simone was adopted by Erin down in Oregon.... She was one of my bigger dogs, at about 18 lbs when I was fostering her... She loved playing in the snow and loved playing with my neighbors rattie mix. 

 Now, over 3 years later, she is all grown up... mom reports she still has plenty of puppy energy though, chasing gophers and her family has expanded... Below is a picture of her participating in her mom's wedding and now she has two human sibling to continuing growing with.    She is adored and doing great!

See her post on the NW New Rattitude Page and like the page too to get all the New Rattitude news!! 

Sunday, August 23, 2015

Updates on Sparrow and Mulder

So Sparrow is busy settling in with his new people and Gollum,  her new fur-brother...  She's doing well and getting along great and I'm sure loving all the attention.  They've got some obedience training planned for her  which she will just be a superstar at it I'm sure!  Sad to see her and her spunky energy go, but Sasha not so much - she'll be resting up for sure :).  Lots of fun play ahead for Sparrow for sure! 

Baxter too (formally Mulder) - is doing superbly - he is great buddies with his fursister Maddie and they are cuddling together... He gets to go on lots of hikes and this little tripawd dog had no problems with doing 11 miles! Of course, we knew that!  Love seeing him so happy and loved :) 

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

I'm Adopted!!!

So cute little Sparrow got herself a new family in no time... She's heading over to Western Washington on Thursday where she has human sibling and a dog sibling to boot!  Lots of changes in store for her but she's going to do great; she gonna have lots of people to give kisses to and lots of love! 

Before the news!
 After the news!!!

I will be taking a foster dog break for a bit but I'll be back in October... Gonna let Sasha rest up for a bit!

Monday, August 17, 2015


Had a new lipstick and with Sparrow's white fur; she ended up with a kiss tattoo!    She's not a huge fan of the head kisses; she would rather kiss you! 

Sunday, August 16, 2015

Playdate time!

Took Sparrow back to the dog park to hang out... She did was busier this time; quite a few dogs there...  a little barking; but it was mostly at people - her version of hi I think... A little teeth and growl at some bigger dogs that kind of had her sandwiched in between them... Easily diffused before it got out of hand... she's easily distracted onto new things so it's easy to move her out of there but you gotta keep an eye on her if she's getting nervous... There was an argument with some other dogs and she wanted to join in on the barking but treats and quick grab of her kept her out of the way...
 At the end of our visit; she met Hercules and finally go to get her play on...   They ran and chased and seemed to really be into each other... It was pretty cute to see...I knew she could do it! 

 But the real reason we came was to see TUCKER!  Tucker was one of my first dogs in my 1st year of fostering and lives in Yakima... He's a bigger RT - about 16 lbs and 6 years old now.   While him and Sparrow didn't really play together, they hung out and Sparrow seemed to enjoy following him... He's an energetic boy and it was good to see him and hear about him. He's got great parents and is a lucky boy.   He's as handsome as ever and boy, still the jumper!! I didn't get as nearly as many pictures of him as I wanted, but he enjoyed checking out the park; doing some fence patrolling with Sparrow and then it was all about the critters when he found out they were hanging out in the branches of the trees!  Great video of him getting amped about the critters and Sparrow not sure what was going on but wanting to be part of the action!  ----->Critter Huntin video

Saturday, August 15, 2015


So when Sparrow first got here, she was a bit of door dasher... She actually got out loose a couple of times in the first week; being small and dashing out so fast.  But she is so people focused and as I keep treats near the door (as I've learned from experience), with being calm and offering treats; we were able to get her back in quickly, safely without her going very far.  I don't even think she realized she was outside... She has since learned a bit of control and is "most of the time" able to wait when the door is open; but we don't push it; she's learning...  She however, does not like it when we leave without her... I was just going to check the mail and I got the most pitiful "i'm in jail" faces ever from her that I had to snap some shots!  And yes; she did lick the screen window!   She licks when she is anxious I've noticed and thinking that she was left behind or me not coming in; rather taking pictures; made her a little sad!  But look at those paws; she's just got the greatest feets!   

Thursday, August 13, 2015

Sparrow Vs Technology

Sparrow has a new BFF, Keegan... He comes over to visit Cassie and Sparrow just wants all the attention first!  Here she is working on her charisma to get his attention away from his phone! 
 Look at her tail - just a blur... she's so happy...

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Pretty Sparrow

A great picture Cassie got of Sparrow watching the Next Generation.
 Sparrow is such a cute and just loves attention.  She will lick you if you let her but she is learning to hold her licker as she gets comfortable and knows that I don't need all those doggie kisses. But sometimes she just can't stand it. 

 I love this picture of Sparrow and yes, her is ear is as soft as it looks!  So adorable!

Sunday, August 9, 2015

Pet Store Time!

Took Ms. Sparrow to a big box pet store to show her the sights.  I don't think she saw to many sights as there was so many smells to smell! 

 She did actually meet a a few store employees who became her BFF's immediately when they gave her treats but then it was time to get back to sniffing...

The fishes weren't nearly as interesting as other parts of the store; but I did show her some birds and she didn't know quite what to make of them (but I am pretty sure they were happy when I put Sparrow back on the ground; cause they knew she wasn't a bird even if she is named after one!)

At home she got a treat to gnaw on for being so good and brave at the store... It was a dried lamb ear and she inhaled it in about 2 minutes....
 So she watched Sasha finish hers from my lap just in case Sasha didn't like it... (She did but it took her 20 minutes; but I enjoyed the snuggle with Sparrow)

Saturday, August 8, 2015

Chew On!!!

She wasn't too sure in the first couple of days in fostercare what a bully stick was or what to do with it, but she sure knows now!  She loves them and she's got quite the little grippers too. 

She also loves her toys and she's chew them, kill the squeaker and keep playing with them. Not to rough on them other than destroying the squeakers inside them; she loves too to play tug and fetch :)

Thursday, August 6, 2015

Day at the Park!!!

This is the face I had to keep looking at all day while I was working... so as soon as I was done - off to the dog park we went!  She was so very patient which I know is hard for her to do - I figured she deserved some fun!  (look at those puppy paws!)
 There wasn't another person or dog in the park that Sparrow could see - she was busy sniffing and exploring new grounds!  She was very excited and alert!
  Lots to do and lots to explore!  We went walking around and exploring all there was to see....

 She didn't even notice this dog sitting at the edge of the park being chill...
But finally they met and did really well together... they enjoyed just hanging out being sniffy buddies...
 Things went well with her new friend and when Sparrow finally wore herself out exploring, it was time to go home!     She did get a little nervous around this dogs person - being a little barky and anxious at seeing a new person... But after a bit with some holding and reassurance, she settled down.   New things are kind of scary to her but reassurance (and treats) help her with her confidence :)