Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Sparrow Nesting

So Sparrow has arrived... it's been a busy couple of days settling her in...

Not a fan of the bath, but it had to be done... She also hated having her ears cleaned....

Cassie clipped her toenails while I gave her treats.. She didn't even notice the toenail clipping!

She spent a lot of time running around, checking out her new digs... Wondering probably what new place she was in now...

She has a lot of puppy energy... plays hard, sleeps hard... Loves to play with toys and is pretty good at fetch as long as it's a toy...doesn't care so much for the tennis balls... She's got a little puppy-tude for time to time but she's super sweet to all the people she meets. She's a licker too...as Janell put it. "She can't hold her licker" - just really affectionate.  She's been a little barky at Sasha trying to get her to play and doesn't seem to understand why Sasha doesn't find her adorable... :) 

 She wears herself out playing and then she is out like a light... great in the crate; she goes right in at night and continues sleeping until the morning...

 More to come as we continue to get to know her....

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