Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Recovering from Rattiefest....

Pictures from the 5th Annual Rattiefest   <--- lots of pictures!

Sparrow was tired from Rattiefest...actually right at the end of Rattiefest she was tired though trying hard to stay awake...though a 2 1/2 hour ride home with her napping hard, when she woke up - she was raring to go...but not for very long before she was out for the night.  She had a lot of fun meeting people and dogs alike!

  Morning wake up - she thinks she needs coffee, but much to her dismay, I had drank it all! 
She's really coming along in the week we have had her...we are working on a good house-training schedule with her; she is learning sit and slowly figuring out that Sasha doesn't want to play!  She a pretty busy gal and very much still a puppy so she has lots to learn and figure out but she is also smart so she will get it in no time!

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