Friday, July 24, 2015

Dog Park Day!

A visit to our dog park... I went when there wasn't going to be a lot of other dogs there to get an idea of how she would do... A first we were the only ones there but then a German Shepard by the name of Misty showed up... And then the play began!  She did great; they ran a bit, jumped and played... She did get a little snarky when Misty was blocking me from her; but she listened well, calmed down and so did Misty when I wouldn't let her block me and play continued... though not for very long cause it was still pretty warm at 88 degrees; but they enjoyed shade together and fresh cold water.

A few other dogs came and Sparrow interacted well, but they played hard with each other so Sparrow wisely  joined me on the bench to watch the antics...  It was a successful visit and I think she had fun :)

Play at the dog park makes for a sleepy Sparrow! 

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