Friday, July 31, 2015

Learning A New Schedule..

Nothing like heating up in the sun... It's amazing how close Sasha let her get...

I just love her ears... so cute, so spotted and  so soft!
 This is Sparrow pouting... she's bored and wanted to play... It's been an interesting week as I've been home working and the first two days; she was kind of crazy... She wanted to play and I needed to work and there lots of naughty behavior...jumping on tables, finding plastic things to chew,on, annoying Sasha,  etc... As we entered mid-week...we have found a rhythm of where I work and she relaxes out in the sun or in a dog bed by me, even playing with a toy sometimes and during breaks and lunch - IT'S PLAYTIME!!!!  I throw the toys, play tug, try to get her energy burned up a little bit...   The hardest is when work is done... She thinks it's playtime again and I need to rest my brain a bit... so we solved that by a nice frozen treat so she can get her gnaw on and I can just take a break... We seem to be figuring this new schedule out.... She's a smart cookie but definately needs her playtime :)  Dog park this weekend if it's cool enough :)


Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Recovering from Rattiefest....

Pictures from the 5th Annual Rattiefest   <--- lots of pictures!

Sparrow was tired from Rattiefest...actually right at the end of Rattiefest she was tired though trying hard to stay awake...though a 2 1/2 hour ride home with her napping hard, when she woke up - she was raring to go...but not for very long before she was out for the night.  She had a lot of fun meeting people and dogs alike!

  Morning wake up - she thinks she needs coffee, but much to her dismay, I had drank it all! 
She's really coming along in the week we have had her...we are working on a good house-training schedule with her; she is learning sit and slowly figuring out that Sasha doesn't want to play!  She a pretty busy gal and very much still a puppy so she has lots to learn and figure out but she is also smart so she will get it in no time!

Saturday, July 25, 2015

Who's Excited!!!

Oh Sparrow has a cute little run to her... She got the deer hopping thing going and is very fast!  She is learning her name and coming when I call her and her housetraining is coming along well... She just needs reminders to go out and soon we will be showing her the doggie door.  I think she will get it down in no time.    She is very playful and busy during the day; and she sleeps hard during the night in her crate with no issue.  She's also very quiet waiting for you in the morning which is such a plus.  She is a licker, wanting to be affectionate all the time; which is sweet,  but I've been working on distracting her with a toy as I'm not into so many doggie kisses at all once.  She's got some learning to do but she is smart and eager and so capable  :) 

She doesn't know it yet, but she will be so excited to come to Rattiefest this Sunday which will be a lot of fun for this playful little girl!

Friday, July 24, 2015

Dog Park Day!

A visit to our dog park... I went when there wasn't going to be a lot of other dogs there to get an idea of how she would do... A first we were the only ones there but then a German Shepard by the name of Misty showed up... And then the play began!  She did great; they ran a bit, jumped and played... She did get a little snarky when Misty was blocking me from her; but she listened well, calmed down and so did Misty when I wouldn't let her block me and play continued... though not for very long cause it was still pretty warm at 88 degrees; but they enjoyed shade together and fresh cold water.

A few other dogs came and Sparrow interacted well, but they played hard with each other so Sparrow wisely  joined me on the bench to watch the antics...  It was a successful visit and I think she had fun :)

Play at the dog park makes for a sleepy Sparrow! 

Wednesday, July 22, 2015



 Adorable little coloring on her ears!  And they are super soft and kissable.  :)
 She was terrified of the water dish on day 1, trying to get close to it but running away after one lick, but on day 2 she figured it out it was not the enemy and was her friend...
 Lot of playing with a new toy... She doesn't seem to be a destroyor of toys, just likes rattie shaking them and running around with them, fetching them and then moving onto the next one..

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Sparrow Nesting

So Sparrow has arrived... it's been a busy couple of days settling her in...

Not a fan of the bath, but it had to be done... She also hated having her ears cleaned....

Cassie clipped her toenails while I gave her treats.. She didn't even notice the toenail clipping!

She spent a lot of time running around, checking out her new digs... Wondering probably what new place she was in now...

She has a lot of puppy energy... plays hard, sleeps hard... Loves to play with toys and is pretty good at fetch as long as it's a toy...doesn't care so much for the tennis balls... She's got a little puppy-tude for time to time but she's super sweet to all the people she meets. She's a licker Janell put it. "She can't hold her licker" - just really affectionate.  She's been a little barky at Sasha trying to get her to play and doesn't seem to understand why Sasha doesn't find her adorable... :) 

 She wears herself out playing and then she is out like a light... great in the crate; she goes right in at night and continues sleeping until the morning...

 More to come as we continue to get to know her....

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Friday, July 17, 2015

Sparrow's Flying In on Sunday!

Ok, she isn't really flying, but being transported by the wonderful "Gettin' em Home Transport" group; volunteers that offer their time and cars to get these pets into their new homes or foster care.  Once she gets to Seattle, Skittles mom, Angela will be meeting me in CleEum for handover..   She's a cutie for sure... I wanna kiss that nose!  And I love her eyebrow!!!

She's had an adventure too in her temporary foster home where some children thought she needed more spots...purple ones to boot!  But it sounds like she's great with kids and didn't mind a bit, though I wonder how she felt about the bath!

Pre-rescue picture

Sunday, July 12, 2015

Pippa Headed Home!

We've had a lot of fun watching cute little Pippa this past three weeks... We've done lots to keep this girl busy, which hasn't always been easy to do with our heatwave... Especially after Sienna was adopted and she didn't have her playmate.

Just thought I would share some pictures of our last week... She's heading home tomorrow and I'm sure she will be soooo happpy to see her people and the sights of Portland once again! 
She soooo wants to be friends with Sasha... Sasha says no way jose!
 We went to the Folk Life Festival here in Yakima... She met so many people, loves meeting the kids (especially the ones that one that had treats!), meeting dogs and of course, busy looking for dropped food! 
 This little black dog was adorable, reminded me of Sasha, but he had the cutest overbite... Him and Pippa were very interested in each other and hung out a bit...

 We also have been to the dog park many times with Pippa... This last time, there was a puppy dobie there...Gucci was her name and she was 70 lbs.. She wanted to play with tiny Pippa but she was way to big and pawsy... She choose to hang out on the park bench (whew!) with us where she was more at level with this big girl.  Luckily there was a lot of more her size puppies that she got to hang out with once Gucci found a like sized playmate to keep her busy.

She loves bubbles!!!!!

 But tennis balls more! 
We will miss Pippa... Had a lot of fun with her but her people miss her lots and I'm sure can't wait to see her again!