Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Making new friends

 Took the pups over to a friends house to meet some new people and dogs.  They both did very well with the dogs and people... Pippa found a playmate in Roxy and got lots of energy out playing chase and "watch and see how fast I can run".   Sienna chose to mostly watch from whatever lap was available until...

 Sienna found a kitty underneath the porch.  We couldn't get her out until the kitty left... She came out dirty and muddy...and of course ready for more lap time :) 
 There was a dead worm or something (i don't want to know) in the yard that ALL the dogs rolled in... My two were so stinky that they went immediately in the bath when we got home - PEWWW... Sienna was great with the bath, Pippa not as much though she did alright... they both were more than ready for a nap afterwords... Sienna found a blanket at my feet to rest and Pippa perched on the top of my chair and napped by my head.. They were wiped! 

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