Friday, May 22, 2015

Mulder and Skinner - buddy pals

A follow up at the vet shows that Mulder is doing great!  Wound is healing nicely and we are on track for stitches to come out June 2nd. 

Put him in a cute little onsie while he was out of the cone and enjoying a nice bully stick... He didn't really like it but I think he's adorable.. It's a little too big though and he can step out of it :( 

 Later, I let him rest on my bed and I was so pleased to see the crazy sleeping positions still happening.... He's still pretty medicated but the incision doesn't seem to be bothering him a bit.  Very little swelling and the redness and bruising is dissipating every day.

 I think maybe Skinner got a little jealous because he snuck in and sat on Mulder's head for his nap while I was working on the computer!  So naughty.  So I moved him and made him snuggle with Mulder and took blackmail pictures.. he didn't like that either and ended up on the other side of me for his nap.. He actually tried to get Mulder to play earlier... I think Mulder thought about it for a sec, but he's not up for play yet and I wouldn't let him yet anyhow.  I was however glad to see Skinner be the instigator in play as it's usually Mulder.
It looks so sweet doesn't it?

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