Sunday, May 24, 2015

Magic Donut Bed and Making Friends

 The magic donut bed... Mulder is spending most of his recovery in this bed... He sure is loving it.. It's soft and comfy and just what he needs to get good rest.  He continues to do well and I'm happy to report he is the same goofy, happy little boy he always was.  I worried he would somehow not have the same happy go  lucky attitude after the loss of his leg, but he has quickly showed me he's the same great little dog and he's not bothered a bit.  He even engaged in playing tug with a toy with me for a little bit and loves his short breaks to sniff out in the yard.   He would do more if I let him, but he's got a little over a week of crate rest to go yet...
 Skinner is also doing great... My dad came over and while I didn't get any pictures; he first rested right by him, and took a short nap, putting his little chin right on his wrist.  He wasn't completely relaxed but he is trying so hard and doing so well.  I was proud of little Skinner :) 
  Mulder did have to go potty right when we were having a thunder, rain and hail storm.. We put a jacket on him and had to walk him to the back of the yard.. He wasn't happy about it but got his business down quickly and ran to Cassie to quick get out of the crazy weather. 

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