Tuesday, May 19, 2015

DogLife part 2

So you think these boys would have been too tired to play at our next stop on Saturday... But the rest in the car did them good and then the fact that it was only us and former New Rattitude foster Maddie at Robinwoods dog park was perfect for them.   Even Skinner had his manners back and really let loose and just enjoyed himself!

Lots of chase with the ball...  I think it's Mulder's favorite thing in the world to play chase... The energy on that boy! 

  I have had this wooly ring toy kicking around for a few years.  none of the fosters really liked it until Mulder came along.. This is his favorite toy currently (probably for a week).  It confirms that I'm right in hording dog toys.. you never know which one you will need!

Maddie was hysterical.. She would duck under the fence to the other side of the park but then needed her dad to come and get her... 

 My favorite picture.. Their expressions are hysterical!

It was a busy day for sure... long and full of activity but they had so much fun.  I am sure too that I was more tired by the end of the day then they were!  They were tired though.. and I actually heard Mulder get his snore on so I know he was extra tired!

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