Thursday, April 30, 2015

Skinner Vet Visit

Skinner is busy healing from his neuter surgery.  He was pretty out of it when I took him home but as soon as he saw my house, he was all about getting in there as fast as possible and perked right up!  He then earned himself the cone in record time and I think he will be wearing it for a few days while he heals up.   :) He's also knows how to use the doggie stairs and uses them rather than jumping on the bed... which is great to not have a jumper especially after surgery.  He's also started asking me to pick him the trust is building with this shy little guy.
 The day before surgery enjoying the warm sun

 Mulder helped himself to the cozy donut Costco bed while I was doing some crafty things... I think he figured out I was going to be there for a while so he might as well get a snooze in!  (smart boy!)

Monday, April 27, 2015

The boys!

I just love Mulder's little tuff's on the side of his neck... His wings... LOL  -  His spot on his face is healing ever so slowing, but getting better which is great.  He's busy and playing and enjoying the playtime he is getting from Mulder (me too!), he's feeling good I can tell and getting healthier everyday. 

 Skinner is doing well.... He's starting to relax while he sleeps and he's coming up to us for loves and treats... it's still on his terms which is fine, i'm happy that he is learning to trust us... I'm hoping his neuter surgery on Tuesday doesn't back up the trust we have built to much, but it's gotta be done... Once healed and up to date on his vaccinations, it'll be time to visit the dog park! 

Saturday, April 25, 2015

Springtime in the Backyard!

Brought the bubbles out... Skinner was kind of scared of them and then Mulder just wanted to eat them... and eat the bubble jar and eat the wand... Once he figured out the bubbles were coming from the wand, he was determined to get that wand!  It was fun while it lasted!

 Cute picture grouping that Google did for me with Skinner trying to eat grass...
 Mulder and Skinner sharing Mulder's favorite spot... there is a dead tree trunk here that he is fascinated by... it's nice to see him share :) 

Friday, April 24, 2015

Cuteness of Skinner

He may be a little hand shy, mostly fear I think about being picked up or grabbed...but once on blanket, he's all about the belly rubs.  He's pretty cute!  He's can jump up on my bed if he needs to, but he also has found the doggie stairs that I have for Sasha and uses them on a regular basis too.. good for him!

We are working on the house training and he's doing pretty good.  No marking in the house which is great.  Him and Skinner are getting along and playing some chase with each other... He really likes shaking toys, killing squeakers and loves the bull horn to get his chew on. 

He's trying to befriend Sasha. Yesterday I saw him lay in front of her and give her chin a gentle little lick... I think she tried to play chase with him, but she was growly and it scared him off... It's kind of fascinating. 

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Time to meet the Public!

A short trip to Pet Pantry once again.  We brought two dogs, but we came for cat food!   Good news... Skinner did great on this short trip, back and forth with no ill effects (but the drive is only about 10 minutes).  He is really becoming more outgoing and trusting... He was interested and enjoyed following Mulder around who wanted to sniff every square inch of the store!  I was hoping the store dog, Spot was there, but he had the day off!  But it was alll good.. it's a nice, small, low key store for both dogs to have a positive experience.

 Mulder of course was wanting to meet, great and mack on anyone that would let him... Skinner held back, but Tonya at the pet store stayed down and let Skinner come to her... She didn't make eye contact and just pet him on his sides and he was really enjoying it... It's nice when someone recognizes the difference personalities and needs that each dog has!  It was a really positive experience for Skinner and I think he was quite smitten with her!

The boys too are starting to play and I saw a brief zoomie from Skinner yesterday!

Here is a video I forgot to include yesterday  Mulder and Skinner playing

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Skinner is here!

So Skinner is here!  He was pretty tired when he got here and worn out probably from all the car sickness he had during transport, so he was pretty mellow...  He's pretty shy around people so we are letting him be as much as possible and getting him to come up to us for treats..Petting him when he allows it, he loves it.. But if he thinks your going to grab him, he runs away.   It's working and he's coming around and looking to us for attention... We are just going at his pace... Cassie even got a snuggle nap from him today so forward movement! 

He is very interested in Mulder and visa versa and they are figuring each other out... Turns out while Mulder doesn't like squeaker toys, Skinner does.. especially tearing out the squeakers , which he has manged to do to 3 toys so far... He even managed to get out the noise maker from the AFLAC duck... So sorry duckie!  Luckily, Mulder still loves it noiseless :) 
 Skinner is a good 6 months, he's got himself some short little legs, but he can still jump where ever he needs too... Mulder is having to learn to share, he's quite used to having the attention I think and when Skinner got a treat of his, he wasn't meant to him, but came to us whining (loudly) about it, being a drama king...  I'm hoping they will be good for each other and I know they both enjoy the playtime that is starting to happen.

Sunday, April 19, 2015

A Little of Everything!

Scully, now Lola, is definitely a daddy's girl... She looks so happy and content... I just couldn't be happier for her! 


 Selma, now Pippa, is getting that energy out by going on lots of walks and being on critter control!  She's doing great in Oregon with her new family and really settling in. 
 Skinner is being transported up from California and this poor little 8 lb pup isn't liking the car rides so much... I'm sure he'll be a happy camper once his feet on ground and he can settle in!  He should be here tonight! 

 One of my favorite pictures of Mulder, mid-jump... He's doing great and seems to be healing from his skin owie... I think he will really enjoy Skinner here... He seems much more playful and more energetic this week, probably cause he's feeling better.
 So Skittles is heading home today.. I think he will be glad to get home but I enjoyed him and his little groans that he does all the time...

Friday, April 17, 2015

Mulder's Week of Fun

So busy week for Mulder...

Another trip to the vet... He's has a bit of a fungal infection (ringworm) on his face... I've been trying to treat it with cream and shampoo but he keeps licking it off his muzzle - so we had to switch him to an oral medication which he's been on a few days.  This will hopefully clear it up lickety split... He also has a blood test done to test for Coccidioidomycosis, another type of fungal infection common in Southern California. Those results should be back in a week.  Because of his obvious depressed immune system; his surgery, which was first going to be in April; has been pushed back to mid-May.   It's a bummer.   It also means no dogs parks for him... it's just more important to make sure he stays healthy.  Good news, he's getting lots of good food, priobiotics and coconut oil to boost his immune system.

Ringworm generally isn't contagious to other dogs with healthy immune systems (and Coccidioimycosis, isn't at all), just some keeping bedding washed, a few baths just to be on the safe side for the other dogs and it's no problem. 

We also have guest Skittles, a former foster of mine until Sunday.  I was hoping that Mulder's playful spirit would encourage Skittles to play..but no luck so far, though Skittles doesn't mind hanging out.  They were really getting into the synchronized head movement here.. :)

But that being said... We are getting a new foster puppy!  Skittles mom will be bringing him when she picks up Skittles and I think it would be great for Mulder.  Keeping with the X-files theme, I got going and the S names...welcome Skinner!  He looks like a doll!  He's about 6 month old i think, similar coloring to Mulder with shorter legs. 

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Sniffing at the pet store!

Another trip to the pet store (for cat food actually) and Mulder got his sniff on big time... Soooo digging smelling all the yummy dog food... The birds, he didn't like so much but he was kind of interested in the bunny rabbit...til it moved and he jumped away and he was like "no way", it's crazy over there...

He got himself a nice treat - a small trachea for the trip home... the trip home took maybe 15 minutes and of course the entire treat was GONE! 

What is up with the dog skeleton in the toy aisle!  It's cute though - especially with the rope toy, but what is the message here? 

Monday, April 13, 2015

Crazy Legs

I love the crazy poses that Mulder gets in when he's sleeping... He doesn't seem to have a preference and can sleep anywhere and anyway.  He's sleeps under the covers, over the covers, in a ball, all spreadout, and we have even got him to sleep on his back with some nice belly rubs...