Friday, March 13, 2015

More Updates...

Spyro - who is now Gizmo - living in Oregon and loving life with his new family.  He still wakes up in the am greeting his family with his unique howls (which we still remember very fondly).

Spencer and his new buddy Baxter... they may be xtra small and extra big, but they get along great and he's doing super well with his new family.

And baby Skipper with his new BFF Fiona.. he's really not a puppy anymore and his ears are all grown up! 

Feebs - Phoebe;  who used to be Savannah adopted June 2013.  She is doing well and while she doesn't like the cold, she likes to snuggle under the blankets as much as possible.  Her family speaks of her intellegence and loyalty.  She's come a long way under their care being being pretty scared and nervous to a wonderful companion to her family!

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