Thursday, February 26, 2015

Beach Time!

 We also took the girls (and ourselves) over to Whidbey Island... This was at Clinton at the waterfront... Sadie did great until we come to some running water... She said no way... I found some rocks and thought maybe she would cross them as she did so well with the planks early but nope... She doesn't cross streams!  :)

 The girls didn't get to come out at the Alpaca farm... but what cuties.. It was rescue/retirement farm of Alpacas, llamas and goats... love it.. Though they stare a lot and I felt a little judged.. of what I'm not sure...i'm sure it was all good things.  but i loved their faces and big gooby eyes!  If you are in the area, go see her... Paradise Found Fiber Farm you will learn tons about these wonderful animals from Mary and she has  lovely yarn and products made 100% from the animals at her farm!

 Last stop was Double Bluff.. an off leash beach area... we didn't unleash the puppies but leashed them to each other and kept a close eye.. Selma did pretty good.. a little vocal in her greets but she got better as she got into the groove.. some of the big dogs worried her a bit and she ran away but for her first experience it was positive and she loved exploring!  Sadie was nervous in the beach area with all the other dogs so I held her and kept her warm in my jacket until we got away from the busy areas

The girls slept like a rocks on the way home; we wore them out well!... they were troopers in their crates too... Selma is defiantly the more eager, wanting to meet people and dogs; Sadie more reserved - she just needs practice and positive experience.  

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