Friday, January 9, 2015

Getting to know Selma

Selma - so far what I know...

She's not a fan of the crate so much, at least the plastic travel crates... however, she doesn't mind the bigger wire crate as much even going in it on her own to rest.  After a not fun night for either of us...  luckily the wire crate made her less anxious and she was able to sleep in it for the night...She does like to sleep under covers too and is quite the cuddle bug, liking to burrow in the crook of your elbow (or jacket) keeping her nose nice and toasty (how she's breathes like that, I'm not sure).

She's a little smartie pants too.. she figures out how to get in the house through the doggie door on the second night... before we know it, she will be using it on her own to go out!  the cold doesn't seem to bother her all either.  She's thin and she needs some weight put on her.  She's into food and seems to know already that she gets a treat for pottying outside and as soon as she's done; runs inside and waits in the kitchen for me.   She did not enjoy wearing the sweater so much.

She loves toys and is quite the terriers; like to gnaw, shake and growl at her toys.  she loves playing tug with you and gets quite serious about her destruction of toys.  I think she will fetch eventually and that's the first game we are teaching her.  She loves chasing after toys, balls, whatever you throw at her... 

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