Thursday, January 8, 2015

Getting to know Sadie...

Sadie - what I know so far....

She's bossy and in charge of Selma or tries to be.. She a little protective of her space and will growl if Selma gets too close while she is sleeping.  We are actually working on this, because no growling is allowed on couches and beds so she has to get down whenever she does this; she's learning...   And she really doesn't mess with Sasha (my dog at all) seeming to understand that Sasha isn't into playing.

She loves people and prefers to be by a person as much as possible.  She also loves to lay on her back and get belly rubs and will fall asleep that way.  Loves to be held.   Loves to be under covers as much as possible.  She's also good in the crate and quiet. 

She likes little toys (cause she's so little) and will play a little tug with Selma and a toy.  Super cute. She likes to gnaw on your hand, and sometimes it's a little hard... I try to have a toy on hand for her rather than my hands, but she's fun to play with

She's a prancer when she walks and while she didn't like having a sweater put on, I think she appreciates its for the outside because she does not like the cold or the wet ground. 

She eats a little slow and I've been feeding her by hand to get her started... I have to make sure she gets her food because the other two (Sasha and Selma) would get to it  and she would let them.. she's not super interested but she does eat fine. 

Her previous name from California was Pocket.. I totally get that; I think she would love to be in your pocket as much as possible and she's tiny enough that she would fit! 

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