Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Double the Trouble!

The two girls arrived Monday night thanks to Skittles mom, Angela who volunteered to bring them over the pass to me.  They ended up having to stay the night with Angela when the pass was too snowy to drive but they were able to make it the next day.
Selma and Sadie arrive and were raring to go.  Excited to be out of the crate and ready to play with the wonderful toys that our state adoption coordinator brought for me.

 Sadie is a little bossy; she's the tinnier of the two at 6.5 lbs and has a chocolaty face.  She's getting over a cold, not that it's slowing her down at all.  She loves to snuggle and she's playful and goofy. 

 Selma, at a whole 7.8 lbs.  She's a little nervous with all the new things and she's a little too skinny.  We are going to put some weight on her and lots of lovings.  She too, was quick to enjoy a good snuggle and she loves to play hard with the toys.  She's very sweet.

 They've bonded a little over their trip together and it's nice they have each other to play with :)

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