Sunday, December 27, 2015

Former Foster Updates!

Foster foster update... So happy that all these New Rattitude dogs got to spend Christmas with their families! 
This is Millie (Skye) over on the left with her siblings when the weather was warmer!
Pippa (Selma) getting a snooze in before Santa comes!

Mina (Sabrina) looking so sweet in  her Christmas sweater...  
Saul - who was wearing a pink scarf to show    
his support of Breast Cancer Awareness in October

Baxter (Mulder) getting in a cuddle with his sister Maddie
Sweet Sparrow getting a nap in with sibling Gollum
Rue (Sylvia) is doing great and she loves snow which is good, cause they get a lot! 
Holly (Sienna) in the middle with her   siblings, ready for her first Christmas with
her family

Merry Christmas to all the New Rattitude dogs who have found their families to spend Christmas with and all the dogs who are patiently waiting for families of their own in wonderful New Rattitude foster homes!  We will make that happen in 2016!

Saturday, December 26, 2015

Vet Time for Skeeter

Skeeter went to the the vet last week... I'm not sure how, but she has hurt her neck and it's stiff and painful for her when she wakes up, but then seems to be better once she works out the kinks... So we took her to the vet to get this checked out... She did well at the vet though the tile was a little slippery for her on the tiles...

 So she got some anti-inflammatory (which I'm happy to report, made things much better for her) and then some laser therapy, which I just think is worth it cause of the cool doggles she gets to wear... I really think she needs her own pair!  But really I'm seeing improvements and just want her to continue to feel better.... no fun waking up with pain :(

 So I'm hoping that she continues to improve and that she just over strained herself cause she's feeling so good and got too wiggly and she'll be back to her own self and able to sleep like her old self very soon!  (She does also enjoy the daily and often neck massages she is getting too...)

Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Snuggle Time

My friend's son made quick buddies with Skeeter, enjoying some snuggles, pets and attention... She's a friend to all that will share their lap! He even got some kisses   (I will say too, that Sasha got quite jealous and demanded some pets from him too...which was kind of amazing and more than a little funny - she's not usually so friendly so quick to new people)
 She is one of the few dogs that actually seem to enjoy being inside the snuggle sacks though not always...
 I also love this black and white fleece sweater I found for her... It's so soft and comfy and doesn't bother her skin like the knitted sweaters do...

Saturday, December 19, 2015

PupCup Time

So it's possible that I may go to Starbucks to often... Skeeter knew when we pulled up that it was pup cup time and tried to get out of the car seat to flirt with the barista's to see if it would earn her a pupcup!  (it totally worked - lots of oohs and ahhhs)... She was so enthused, I pulled over in the parking lot and let her have at it!

It's becoming quite a habit to take her on errands - she is happy to be in the car and seeing the sights...and the whipped cream bonus doesn't hurt either! 

 My favorite picture of her to date... Her, "I'm ready to be picked up", look that I get often...
We have also seemed to find a comfortable spot for her to sit in my lap while working for about an hour a stretch... Once she finds a good comfy spot - she just snoozes away and me typing on the keyboard doesn't bother her a bit! 
She's doing great with the snow that we have had - she's not happy about it and she doesn't wander too far, but she's helping herself to the doggie door for very quick potty breaks! 

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Holiday Dress Up

Christmas is coming!   Skeeter makes a cute reindeer and a cuter elf...  She got lots of treats for being a good sport! 

 She's done her holiday cuteness duties, it's now nap time! 

Sunday, December 13, 2015

Walking the Neighborhood

The weather has warmed up a bit and Skeeter joined us for some leaf raking in the yard and we took a brief walk about the quiet neighborhood... No one was out and it's how she likes it - she's a good walker on the leash, but she is quite the marker!  Just wants to let everyone know she's been there! 

 It's good to see her out walking about and seeing new sights without being miserable in the cold...

Monday, December 7, 2015

Winter Hiberation

Skeeter just spends her cold days snuggling by, on, or around anything fleece - can say I blame her a bit!  She also gets so excited when she sees we are getting ready to go somewhere...she just loves jumping in the car and cruising around town.  She's got good manners in the car; just snuggles down in a blanket and enjoys the ride!  We take her out whenever we can...

 She may be 10 years old; but little Skeeter can move when it's wet and cold outside and she wants to do her business and get back inside as soon as possible!

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Fleece for days!

I found this wonderful fleece over the weekend and Cassie made me a tie blanket... there was so much left over, we made a couple of dog blankets too! 

Once again, Skeeter was in heaven snuggling in fleece... This girl loves her fleece!

Sasha even got in on the action and snuggled down in some fleece though she was kind of hard to see...

 There she is!   We have lots still left over, so I'm thinking matching fleece pj's for these gals are in order! 

Skeeter is impressing me with her use of the doggie door even in the snowy, cold and dark weather... We took her out in the front yard yesterday though while Cassie was raking up some leaves and she did not like it at all!  She just stood in place and shivered, so we put her back inside so she could cuddle in some fleece!

Saturday, November 28, 2015

Fancy New Digs

So Cassie got out the sewing machine and make this cute little pj for Skeeter... Doesn't she look thrilled about it? 

 Really, she prefers to burrow in snuggled in all the soft warm fleece, rather than wear it; but I think she can do both!  I think a matching blanket is in order for her to go with her new outfit!

 She's doing great- had a great thanksgiving - both her and Sasha has frozen bones of squash and Evanger's Thanksgiving Dinner canned food - plus she got in some extra snuggle time with my dad while watching football...

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Silly Skeeter

I forgot to share this picture yesterday, but it's so cute... It's hard getting your picture taken all the time!

It's fun to see Skeeter loosing up more and more... yesterday she figured out a particar dog bed had a top on it and had herself quite a lot of fun - --->Skeeter being Silly

She's eating really well too.. She's a little slow; but that's okay... She also gets some cranberry supplements dusted in her food too along  with some other preventative type stuff... But she's a fan of the treats for sure and she really shows she can move, sprint, trot when she wants too!  She goes fast when she sees the treat jar come out! 

Sunday, November 22, 2015

Making Buddies

So Skeeter made herself a new buddy yesterday... My dad came over and before he knew it, she made herself right at home on his lap!  If he got up; as soon as he came back, there she was, looking for her spot! And then before he knew it; he was giving her scratches!  She's a sneaky one; but in the best possible way!  She is just a mellow little love bug...

In other news; Skeeter got herself a couple new spots... While Cassie was dying her hair; Skeeter jumped up to get attention and Cassie touched her with her hands that were gloved, but had dye on them!  Quickly she got the dye out of her fur; but alas...she got a triple spot dye job for the time being!

Friday, November 20, 2015

Can't Hold Her Licker...

Skeeter does love to give kisses... She has learned that I don't love it so much and we will exchange 1 kiss f, but Cassie doesn't seem to mind as much so Skeeter thinks that is fair game!  

She also loves this snuggle sack I made and it keeps her nice and toasty... She is very sweet and affectionate... She is also loving the belly rubs and while she's not quite all the way on her back to get them, I would say she's about at 75% which is pretty close...

  Kissy Face!