Friday, September 26, 2014

Spencer and Stu

Stu's surgery went fine and he is quickly recovering.. While we can give him some cone free time - he really does need the cone to prevent him from messing with his stitches.  He also had his rear dew claws removed so his back legs are bandaged too.. He looks a little banged up with the cone and bandages, but it's not slowing him down a bit and we've had to keep him from jumping too much and trying to play too much with Stu.

He's also starting to trust us and coming to us for pets and we even got our first belly show - so it's all good - can't wait for him to be out of the cone and all healed up!

he says - NO CONE for me!

 He has the sweetest little face and just dreamy eyes i think... He loves having his chin scratched!

 So meanwhile...I think Stu is channeling his inner cat... He's figure out how to get to the ledge of the window from my chair and likes to check out the action...especially when he's not a part of it! 

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